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Wednesday, 1 November 1911

Senator READY - It is an. admission that a justice of the peace, empowered to witness postal votes, acted as a party canvasser for the purposes of promoting voting by post in the interests of a party.

Senator Millen - Votes that would not have been cast at all except for the postal voting provisions.

Senator READY - That does not follow.

Senator Millen - Did not justices of the peace on the honorable senator's own side act in precisely the same way ?

Senator READY - Undoubtedly not - not in Tasmania.

Senator Millen - I hope the honorable senator will take a friendly suggestion - that he should attend a political kindergarten for a little while - if he believes things of that kind.

Senator READY - The Government in Tasmania took precious good care that members of my party were not made justices of the peace. Any unbiased person will admit that this instance shows that there was gross misapplication of the privilege of postal voting. If there were no other instance than this, I should feel justified in voting for the abolition of the system. I wish to inform the Senate that if postal voting is done away with the result will be to disfranchise one of my own parents, who will be unable to go to the poll.. I quite admit that many persons will be unable to vote. But in view of the abuses that have occurred, I can see nothing for it but to abolish the system, believing that this policy will be to the advantage of Australia generally.

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