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Thursday, 19 October 1911

Senator PEARCE (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) (Minister for Defence) - I have read the paragraph. If the honorable senator will read it again - and he only quoted a part of it - he will see that the drill was not given by the Defence Department, but by the Education Department, for which I am not responsible.

Senator Millen - Is not this drill part of the compulsory training ?

Senator PEARCE - I do not think it is. I shall have inquiries made, but, according to my reading of the paragraph, it refers to drill given by the school teachers, and not to drill given by the area officers. Moreover, the paragraph cannot be correct in its reference to military drill. Our drill is given by the area officers or sergeantmajor instructors, who do no drill at school or during school hours. Further, the training given to junior cadets is not drill, except of a very elementary character, which is given by school teachers, and, so far as I am aware,it has not yet been begun.

Senator MILLEN - Do I understand the Minister to say that military drill is given outside the drill to which cadets are subjected ?

Senator PEARCE -This paragraph does not refer to cadets, but to children attending school.

Senator MILLEN - Am I to understand' that military drill is being imparted to Iad» other than that which ' they will receiveunder the compulsory defence scheme?

Senator PEARCE - -Not military drill.

Senator Millen - This paragraph speaksof military drill.

Senator PEARCE - -But physical drill, such as marching, is given at the schools,, in addition to the military drill.

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