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Wednesday, 4 October 1911
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Senator MILLEN (New South Wales) . - This is another instance where one might wish for some technical knowledge to guide one as to how the Minister's proposition should be accepted. The amendment is sprung upon us for the first-time to-night. We have had no opportunity for - ascertaining, from sources of information which are' available 'to 'us,- 'how far what is proposed meets the requirements of the merchant shipping of Australia. Personally, I know nothing about the point. If would be satisfactory if the Minister could give us some authority for the step that it is proposed to take.

Senator Pearce - The principle of having a different load-line for dead-weight cargo was adopted by the Senate last year. What is now proposed is simply a better means of applying the mark.

Senator MILLEN - I am entirely with the Minister there, but will the line be fixed by the Bill or by regulation?.'

Senator Pearce - It is fixed by the Bill. We adopt the winter load-line of the Merchant Shipping Act. The principle was adopted last year."

Senator MILLEN - I had forgotten that. This Bill has been so long before us that we have forgotten more than we'remember about it. We may, however, assume that what is proposed is fairly satisfactory.

Amendment agreed to. Clause, as amended, agreed to. Clause 327 -

(2)   For the purposes of this section "owner means the owner at the date of the lots or abandonment of the ship.

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