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Wednesday, 4 October 1911
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Senator PEARCE (Western AustraliaMinister of Defence) .- Some little time ago Senator McDougall brought this matter under the notice of the Government, and submitted his proposals. We gave them consideration, and have had them drafted in the form in which they are now being submitted. We have decided to accept these amendments. Under the Bill power is given to prescribe by regulation the matters provided for in the proposed new clauses. It is probable, and almost certain, that were the Government drawing up regulations under the Bill, they would provide for these matters in this form. But it is contended that it is better that these provisions should be inserted in the measure where they will be a certain direction to the Minister, and in that way probably a greater safeguard for those whose lives may be concerned. Honorable senators will see that provision is being made for shipwright surveyors, boiler and iron-hull surveyors, and engineer surveyors. Care is taken to safeguard the rights of those who possess certificates of competency or have complied with the conditions of a State law.

Senator McColl - If a man has been practising as a surveyor for three years he will not require to have a certificate.

Senator PEARCE - That is so, but if he has been practising for less than three years he must possess a certificate under a State Act, or he will be required to obtain a certificate under this Bill. The rights of competent persons at present practising are fully safeguarded in these new clauses. The Government have no objection to including them in the Bill. We must all recognise that there is a great deal of force in what Senator McDougall has said. Men who are to be intrusted with the survey of iron ships or wooden ships should know something about the construction of such ships.

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