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Tuesday, 5 September 1911

The PRESIDENT - The VicePresident of the Executive Council cannot deal with the measure until it is before the Senate. It is not before the Senate at the present time. It will be when the honorable senator has moved the first reading.

Senator MILLEN - If we assent to the motion for the suspension of the Standing Orders we shall do away with the only safeguard we have. We should be informed of the reasons for urgency in the measure, and should know something of the amount covered by the Bill in respect of which the suspension of the Standing Orders is moved. I object to the motion unless I get the assurance for which I have asked, and which can be given by interjection.

Senator McGregor - I will give the honorable senator the assurance he requires as soon as I have the opportunity.

Senator MILLEN - I wish to make the position clear. I desire to help the VicePresident of the Executive Council in getting the Bill through if it is what I understand it to be, but honorable senators will recognise that I have had no opportunity to look at it.

Senator McGregor - I give the honorable senator the assurance.

Senator MILLEN - That is all I want. Frequently it has been pointed out- in the Senate, and Senator McGregor with others has agreed, that we should not regard money Bills, proposing the appropriation of large sums, as merely formal matters.-. If the Senate is to take its proper part in the legislation of the country, we should keep a close watch over these money Bills. I ask for an assurance from the Minister in charge of the Bill, which I believe he is in a position to give, that the money asked for in the Bill is merely to meet the ordinary services of the country. If the honorable senator tells me, as I understand he has done by interjection, that that is all that is contained in the Bill, I have no further objection to offer to the motion.

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