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Friday, 4 November 1910
Friday, 4 November 1910

The President took the chair at 10.30 a.m., and read prayers.


Senator WALKER.- I desire to ask the Vice-President of the Executive Council whether the Government have considered the propriety of introducing a Bill to provide for pensions to the High Court Judges.

Senator McGREGOR.-No.


Senator PEARCElaid upon the table the following paper : -

Defence Acts 1903-1904- - Revised Regulations (Provisional) - Statutory Rules 1910, No. 94.


Senator SAYERSasked the Minister re presenting the Postmaster-General, upon notice -

1. Can the Minister give the date when tenders will be called for the installation of wireless telegraphy at Thursday Island?

2. Are tenders yet accepted for any stations in connexion with wireless telegraphy in the Commonwealth?

Senator FINDLEY.- The answers to the questions are -

1. Tenders are being invited in this week's issue of the Commonwealth Gazette.

2. Yes, at Sydney and Fremantle.


Senator ST.LEDGER asked the Minister representing the' Attorney-General, upon notice -

1. Has his attention been called to the paragraph appearing in the Argus of 3rd November, which states, " Mr. Holman, Attorney-General of New South Wales, has received notification from the Federal authorities that instructions -have been given for a" commission to issue appointing him to act for the Commonwealth in the case of indictable offences"?

2. Has such a commission been issued? If so, what is the reason and purpose of such an appointment ?

3. Is such a commission conferred on Mr. Holman personally or in bis capacity as AttorneyGeneral of New South Wales?

4. If in the latter capacity, is such a commission conferred on the Attorney-General of the respective States in virtue of his capacity as such ?

Senator McGREGOR.-The answers to the questions are -

1. Yes.

2. Not yet; but the commission will issue shortly. Its reason and purpose is to prevent delay in the administration of justice.

3. As Attorney-General of New South Wales.

4. Yes.

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