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Thursday, 3 November 1910

Senator McGREGOR (South Australia) (Vice-President of the Executive Council) - I do not know why the Leader of the Opposition should object to the recommittal of the Bill, seeing that the action taken by the Honorary Minister in that connexion was taken in deference to the arguments which he had previously advanced. If he desires me to resist the amendment, I am quite prepared to do so. Had 1 seen him before the Senate met, I would have asked him to move for the recommittal of the Bill. But, as I could not propose that the measure should be re ported and recommitted at the same time, I had to request Senator Findley to move for its recommittal. That course has been adopted to afford Senator Millen an opportunity to submit an amendment to clause 11, and to enable Senator Walker to move an amendment in clause 27. I told Senator Walker at the time he brought forward his proposition that it would be considered, and that if the legal adviser of the Government was of opinion that it would not interfere with the vital principles of the Bill, we would consent to the recommittal of the Bill. But now, because we propose to adopt that course, honorable senators opposite raise objections. I am only sorry that I did not see the Leader of the Opposition before the Senate met, so that I could have asked him to move for the recommittal. However, that cannot be helped now. The Government are prepared to accept the amendment of clause 11, which was previously submitted by Senator Millen, and also the amendment of clause 27, which was proposed by Senator Walker.

Motion (for recommittal) agreed to.

In Committee(Recommittal):

Clause 11 -

Land tax shall be charged on land as owned at noon on the thirtieth day of June immediately preceeding the financial year in and for which the tax is levied :

Provided that an owner of land who, after the thirtieth day of June but before the thirtieth day of September, one thousand nine hundred and ten, has sold or agreed to sell ot conveyed part of the land or has sold or nsrreed to sell or conveyed all the land to different persons, shall, if the Commissioner is satisfied that the sale, agreement, or conveyance was bond fide and not for the purpose of evading the payment of land tax, be separately assessed, ....

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