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Thursday, 9 May 1901
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Senator CHARLESTON (South Australia) - I shall strongly support voting by ballot. What I had hoped was that we should have met- the whole of us - to quietly select our President, and that we should then have adopted the method adopted, I believe, in the British Parliament of some one moving that Mr. So-and-So should be President, when he would have been conducted to the chair. That is what I and a great many honorable members had hoped would have been done. We should then have avoided waste of time and have avoided also the warmth which has been introduced this afternoon. We, in voting by ballot, will record our votes in the direction which we think best in the interests of the country. W e are not afraid to express our opinions. I think it is well known how the vote will go. It is better, in the interests of the candidates themselves and in the interests of the Senate, that we should adopt this method, seeing that we have entered the chamber with the supposition that there will be three candidates. If we had adopted the other method of quietly arranging it, then of course it could have been done as it is done in the British House of Commons, and there .would have been no loss of time. I shall support the motion that the election be by ballot, and I am quite sure that those who sent us here will be satisfied that we are acting in the interests of the Commonwealth, and are not, as some of our friends seem to think, seeking to adopt some clandestine way of doing our work.

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