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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3188

Mr Abel asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, upon notice, on 1 November 1977:

1.   What actual financial contribution was made to the United Nations by each of its member States during the last year for which figures are available.

2.   What sum per head of population did each contribution represent in each of the member States.

3.   What percentage of each member State's gross national product or some other internationally recognised measurement of each member State's wealth, did each contribution represent

4.   What national States are not members of the United Nations.

Mr Peacock - The answer to the honourable member's questions are as follows:

The Report of the Committee on Contributions of the United Nations (Supplement No. 11 (A/23/11) ) dated 26 August 1977 and the Addendum thereto dated 1 September 1977. The addendum lists both the assessed and voluntary financial contributions paid by member States in each of the calendar years 1975 and 1976.

Concerning the second and third of the honourable member's questions, contributions to the United Nations are based essentially on national income. Having established on the basis of comparative national income what proportion of its overall budget each member should pay, members are billed for an amount Thus Australia in 1976, paying 1.52 per cent contributed SA4.4 million. It is agreed that least developed countries and most seriously affected countries should pay 0.02 per cent and also that the low per capita national income countries (below $1800) should receive a deduction. The relationship between contributions and national income in the least developed, most seriously affected and low per capita income countries is thus different to that of the high per capita income countries.

Paragraphs 26-34 and 45-53 of the Committee's Report set out problems in comparing GNPs Until the 1978-79 period the calculation of contributions has been based on a three year base period. For 1 978-79 a seven year base period (1969-1975) will be used. This method of calculations avoids wide fluctuations in contributions and gives some recognition to the concept of national wealth, which is of course difficult to measure.

The Committee's report was adopted last month by the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly and will be considered in plenary session in December.

The following States are not members of the United Nations, but have made some financial contribution to certain United Nations activities in which they participate:

Holy See, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Nauru, San Marino, Switzerland and Tonga.

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