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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3179

Mr Brown asked the Minister, representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 13 October 1977:

(   1 ) What programs have been supported by funds provided by the Department of Social Security in the electoral division of Diamond Valley, including recurrent and nonrecurrent expenditure during the years 1975-76 and 1976- 77.

(2)   What was the expenditure on each program.

(3)   What programs will be supported during the year 1977- 78.

(4)   What will be the expenditure on each program.

Mr Hunt - The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(   1 ) and (2) A. Information showing the amount of expenditure on pensions and benefits in the Electoral Division of DiamondValley during 1975-76 and 1976-77 is not available. However, the following table shows the estimated number of pensioners (including supporting mother beneficiaries in Diamond Valley at 30 June 1 976 and 1 977.


B.   The Children's Services Program funds projects in this electoral Division. Overall expenditure on this Program in the two years stated was:


The appropriation in the 1977-78 Budget for this program is $73.3 million.

In Diamond Valley three Family Day Care Projects are funded, details are:

(i)   Shire of Eltham 1975- 76-$l,500-capital 1976- 77-$14,l26.85-recurrent

To date $3,213.56 of a recurrent nature has been spent. It is not possible until June 1978 to give expenditure details for 1977-78.

(ii)   Shire of Diamond Valley 1975- 76-$l,500-capital 1976- 77-$21,899.87-recurrent 1977- 78-no payments have been made to date, it is not possible until June 1978 to give expenditure details for 1977-78.

(iii)   City ofDoncaster/Templestowe 1975- 76-$l,500-capital $6,742.27- recurrent 1976- 77-$200-capital $1 8,646.2 8-recurrent 1 977- 78-$6,254.70 of a recurrent nature has been spent. It is not possible until June 1978 to give expenditure details for 1977-78.

Recurrent expenditure is paid via the State Government for pre-schools in this electorate. However, precise expenditure details for this electoral division would have to be sought from the State Government.

C.   Aged or Disabled Persons Homes Act-1975-76-Nil; 1976-77- $283,305. The estimated expenditure for 1977-78 is $60,000.

D.   Aged Persons Hostels Act-1975-76-Nil; 1976-77- Nil. The estimated expenditure for 1977-78 is $700,000.

E.   Personal Care Subsidy (Recurrent Expenditure )-l 975-76-$50,000; 1976-77-$52,680. The estimated expenditure for 1977-78 is $55,000.

F.   Delivered Meals Subsidy Act (Recurrent Expenditure) 1975-76-$5,488; 1 976-77-$4,94 1. The estimated expenditure for 1977-78 is $5,500.

Under the Aged Persons Hostels Act, the Italian Community Service Fund project for the construction of a forty bed hostel and three staff beds will be funded during 1 977-78. It is anticipated that expenditure on this project will amount to $700,000 during 1977-78.

G.   States Grants (Home Care) Act- Senior Citizens Centre-1975-76-$244,133; 1975-77-Nil. Welfare Officers-1975-76-$4,913; 1976-77-$6,664; estimate 1977-78-$7,500.

Under the States Grant (Home Care) Act, three senior citizen's centres are due for funding in 1977-78. It is expected that expenditure on these centres will amount to $1,851 during 1977-78.

Senior Citizen's Centre


Projects approved for funding in 1977-78- Macleod-$ 36 6; Lower Plenty-$52 8; Greensborough-$957.

Welfare Officer-Diamond Valley CreekPayments 1975-76-$4,913; 1976-77-$6,664.

H.   Handicapped Persons Assistance Act- Under the Handicapped Persons Assistance Act, a total of eight services are eligible for subsidy assistance from the Department of Social Security. Of the eight services three are training centres, two are residentials, two are activity therapy centres and one is an administrative centre.

The recurrent and non-recurrent expenditures in 1976-77 for the electorate of Diamond Valley are $25,329 and $237,988 respectively. No major capital projects will be subsidised in the Diamond Valley electorate during the 1977-78 financial year. However the Department will continue to provide the eight approved services with financial assistance to maintain existing facilities.

It is anticipated that the expenditure for Diamond Valley in 1977-78 will approximate the amount provided in that electorate during the last fianancial year.

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