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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3135

Mr Stewart (LANG, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 27 October 1977:

(   1 ) How many lone fathers are there in (a) each State, (b) the Northern Territory and (c) the Australian Capital Territory, and how many of them are in receipt of social security pensions.

(2)   Are any special benefits payable to lone fathers; if so, what are the benefits.

(3)   Do any organisations exist whose responsibility it is to advise and assist lone fathers; if so, what are these organisations.

(4)   What action has been taken by the Government to alleviate the problems of lone fathers.

Mr Hunt - The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question.

(1)   1 refer the honourable member to my answer to Senate Question No. 919 (Senate Hansard, 3 June 1977, page 2118). Statistics of lone fathers in receipt of age or invalid pension are not available.

(2)   Special benefit may be paid under discretionary provisions in section 124 of the Social Services Act to a lone father who is required to care for a sick or young child providing assistance is not available from friends, relatives, nursery or creche.

The rate of benefit is the same as unemployment benefit and is subject to the income test applied to unemployment benefit. As from 1 November 1977 the rate of benefit is $49.30 a week plus $7.50 a week for each child.

Special benefit will cease to be payable to a lone father when he becomes eligible for a supporting fathers benefitsee answer to (4).

(3)   All organisations and governmental authorities which deliver family welfare services will advise and assist lone fathers. The names, contract points, and addresses of organisations which have been established with the principal aim of assisting single parent families, including lone fathers; are:

New South Wales-Mr Max Wood, State President Parents Without partners (NSW) Inc., 32 Grosvenor Street, Sydney. (The organisation has 57 branches in NSW); Mr Ron Doyle, Lone Fathers Association, Room 405, Angel House, Ash Street, Sydney; Mr R. Wood, Australian Birthright Movement, Angel House, Ash Street, Sydney.

Australian Capital Territory-Mr Ted Dimmick President, Parents Without Partners (ACT) Inc., P.O. Box 923, Civic Square, ACT. (The organisation has 4 branches in the ACT.)

Victoria- Ms Barbara Steen, Parents Without Partners (Via) Inc., 164 Flinders Street, Melbourne. (The organisation has approximately 43 branches in Victoria); Mr Alan Hamer, Lone Fathers of Australia, c/o Brotherhood of St Laurence, 167 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Vic.; Mr John Austin, Lone Fathers Assistance Group, 2 Bulleen Avenue, Mitcham, Vic

Queensland- Mrs Gay McDougall, State Secretary, Parents Without Partners (Qld) Inc., 21 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. (The organisation has approximately 26 branches in Queensland); Lone Parents Self Action Group of Australia, c/o Mrs J. Kelly, 21 Thuruna Street, Stafford; Lone Fathers Action Committee, c/o Mr Harold Fallon, 28 Hampton Street, Wooloongabba.

South Australia-Ms Carol Carr, Secretary, Parents Without Partners (SA) Inc. Cresco House, 110 North Terrace, Adelaide. (The organisation has 21 branches in South Australia); Mr Hedger, The Supporting Fathers Association, 324 Crossroads, Clarence Park, SA.

Western Australia-Parents Without Partners (WA) Inc., 27 James Street, Perth; Mr Ken Gaunt, Supporting Fathers Association, 292 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, WA.

Tasmania- Ms Shirley Neverton Secretary, Parents Without Partners (Tas.) Inc, Room 12, Bank Arcade, Hobart (The organisation has 5 branches in Tasmania); Mr Peter Blackwell Secretary, Lone Fathers Association of Tasmania, 10 Barana Street, Mornington, Tas. (The organisation has 3 branches in Tasmania. )

Northern Territory-Ms Josie Coppens Secretary, Parents Without Partners (NT) Inc, P.O. Box 4290, Darwin 5794.

Australia-wide-Mr Brian Wyllie, Chairperson, Lone Parent Federation of Australia c/o ACOSS, P.O. Box N 199, Grosvenor Street, Sydney.

(4)   The Social Services Act is being amended to provide for payment of a benefit to supporting fathers on the same basis as supporting mothers.

Treasurer: Pecuniary Interests in Land (Question No. 1921)

Mr E G Whitlam (WERRIWA, NEW SOUTH WALES) am asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 27 October 1977:

(   1 ) Has he had pecuniary interests in land which has been purchased by the Victorian Housing Commission with funds appropriated by the Federal Parliament

(2)   If so, what have been the extent, nature, location and duration of those interests.

(3)   Will he answer this question as promptly as the Minister for Primary Industry answered a question on his interests (Hansard, 23 August 1977, page 545).

Mr Lynch - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(   1 ) No. I can inform the honourable gentleman that a private company owned by a family trust, the beneficiaries of which are my wife and three children, and in respect of which I have no shares or beneficial interests and am not a director or trustee, made an investment in residential land when the Liberal and National Country parties were in Opposition. This transaction was in no way connected with land purchased by the Victorian Housing Commission and currently subject to inquiry in Victoria. The land in question has always been privately owned- never at any time purchased by any statutory authority-and was, in fact, subdivided as long ago as 1922. In accordance with the Prime Minister's instructions to Ministers concerning their pecuniary interests, details were provided in writing by me covering the family trust to which I have referred and its involvement in the above mentioned investment

(2)   and (3) See reply (1).

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