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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3097

Mr Scholes asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 19 April 1977:

(   1 ) Can he say what taxes or charges which are levied by all State governments and local government bodies are not levied in the Australian Capital Territory.

(2)   What taxes or charges which are levied in the Australian Capital Territory are not levied in the States.

(3)   What is the average per capita sum paid in taxes and Government charges in (a) the ACT ana (b) each of the States.

Mr Lynch - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(   1) Information is not available on all taxes and charges. A list of the significant taxes which were levied in 1 975-76 by all or, in the cases mentioned, the majority of State governments and local government bodies and which are not levied in the Australian Capital Territory is given below. The list does not include minor fees from regulatory services, nor does it include a comparison of departmental charges or the prices set by public trading enterprises such as water supply and electricity undertakings. Further details of taxation by State authorities may be obtained from the appendix to the Australian Bureau of Statistics publication Public Authority Finance: Taxation 1975-76 (ref. No. 5.30).

State estate, gift, probate and succession duties (a); Land tax; Totalisator turnover tax (b); Lottery taxes (including profit of State run lotteries); Stamp duty on motor vehicle registration; Road transport taxes (permits, licences, log book fees, et cetera) (c); Motor vehicle third party insurance surcharge- levied in four States; Road maintenance contributions- levied in five States; Business franchise licences on petrol and/or tobacco- levied in four States; Fire brigades contributions from insurance companies, et cetera; Statutory corporation payments (eg levies on electricity and gas authorities)- levied in five States (d); Agricultural levies (stamp duties and licences) levied in five States.

(a)   Australian Capital Territory residents pay Commonwealth taxes levied generally throughout Australia but State Governments collect additional duties. Queensland abolished succession and gift duties from 1 January 1977. Western Australia has announced the abolition of probate duties from 1 January 1980.

(b)   Although no specific tax is paid in the Australian Capital Territory a fixed proportion of bets placed with the Australian Capital Territory Totalisator Agency Board is distributed to charitable organisations at the discretion of the Minister.

(c)   Queensland has announced the abolition of road transport permit fees on goods from 1 November 1977.

(d)   Tasmania has announced that the statutory levy on the Hydro-Electric Commission will be abolished this year.

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