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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
Page: 3023

Mr SPEAKER - Order ! The honourable gentleman will not speak to a motion other than the motion that the petition be printed. He must indicate to the House what form it takes.

Mr WENTWORTH -I am giving reasons why it should be printed. The reason is -

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable gentleman will have to indicate the form of action he intends to take.

Mr WENTWORTH -I intend to do that.

Mr SPEAKER - He had better do it now.

Mr WENTWORTH -Very well Sir, I will do that and speak to the motion afterwards. The form of action I intend to take is this: I intend to move in the House that, under the provisions of Standing Order 86, the Prime Minister or, in his absence, the Deputy Prime Minister be heard. I shall do that at a convenient time. I shall discuss the timing with the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. I believe it is essential that before this House rises there should be a definite statement as to what is to be done about the means test and when, because it is quite clear -

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable gentleman must cease talking and listen for a moment. Standing Order 61, referred to in Standing Order 86, is not a form of action available to the honourable gentleman. It would require the Deputy Prime Minister, or whomever else the honourable gentleman wants to be heard, to stand at the same time as some other honourable member. The likelihood of that is unreal.

Mr WENTWORTH - In that case the action I shall take will be to ask . . .

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable gentleman will . . .

Mr WENTWORTH - ... the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister to tell the House in all honesty before it rises . . .

Mr SPEAKER -I warn the honourable member for Mackellar.

Mr WENTWORTH - . . . what they intend to do about this.

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable member for Mackellar will apologise to the Chair for continuing to speak over the Speaker.

Mr WENTWORTH -I am sorry, Sir. My natural indignation on behalf of the pensioners carried me away.

Mr Martin - Mr Speaker,I seek your guidance in respect of the last point.

Mr SPEAKER -The honourable member for Banks will resume his seat. He has not been called.

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