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Thursday, 22 May 1975
Page: 2746

Mr INNES (Melbourne) - I rise in the adjournment debate in an attempt to put the record straight and to answer some of the bigoted ranting and raving of the Opposition, in particular the members of the National Country Party. Judging by the company they keep, they could quite properly be described as members of the National Civic Council party. Whenever progressive policies are projected by the Government in this House to give effect to the mandate that was obtained from the people in 1972 and 1974, the scream of 'socialism 'is heard in practically every speech from Opposition members, who are devoid of any objective argument and dedicated to carrying out the philosophy of organisations such as the National Civic Council, the League of Rights, the White Australia Committee and other sectional interests. These organisations, judging by the Opposition speeches and the utterances of Opposition members, dominate the policies of the Opposition. If these organisations do not already control the Opposition in due time they will do so.

Evidence of the associations to which I have made reference is freely available. An example of the unholy alliance is contained in an article which appeared recently in a Gippsland newspaper. The headline reads:

Bishop, MHR, Patrons of Anti-Red Talk.

The article states:

The Bishop of Sale, the Most Reverend A. F. Fox, and Mr Peter Nixon, MHR, are joint patrons of a dinner to be addressed by Mr B. A. Santamaria in Sale.

A limited 1 50 invitations have been issued to the dinner to be held at Armadale on Monday evening, June 2.

Amongst other things, the article goes on to make reference to a suggestion that in Australia a group of communist controlled unions had proved that they were stronger than the Australian Council of Trades Union and Federal and State governments. The last paragraph states:

The 19-member sponsoring committee, which is acting on behalf of the National Civic Council is headed by Dr Bill Barry as chairman.

This is not the only such meeting. This sort of function is being held throughout the length and breadth of Australia. The honourable member for Mallee (Mr Fisher) held a meeting in the Mallee area. I cannot recall the name of the town. I saw an invitation to attend that meeting, along the same lines as those in the article. As I indicated, this sort of meeting is being held throughout the whole of Australia, and I want to draw attention to such meetings.

Mr Santamaria,of course, is a dedicated clerical fascist. He is the individual who has led the National Civic Council in Australia and has been involved in the conquest by stealth for the last 40 years. All those people who point their fingers at other people ought to have a look in their own neck of the woods. Mr Santamaria formed the group known as 'The Movement', allegedly to combat communist influence in the trade union movement and in the Australian Labor Party. By 1946 he really had a going concern. Let me refer to a union about which I know something and in which I was involved. In 1953 Mr Santamaria took time out to organise groups in an endeavour to control the Electrical Trades Union in an effort to defeat communist candidates. After a number of communist candidates were defeated- I defeated one of them- another ticket was arranged by the local group representing the Santamaria organisation which tried to unload everyone else, and went within a hair's breadth of doing it.

In 1969 there was a repeat performance. Two individuals opposing the officers of the union spent about $7,000 in distributing material. They would not have had 7000 Mintie wrappers between them. It was proved in evidence later that they obtained support from the National Civic Council. The same thing happened in other areas and in government departments. I viewed with disgust the way in which Dr Mannix, Mr Santamaria and the then Monsignor Fox addressed meetings in the Myer Emporium in which I was an employee. After communion breakfast they told the workers the commitments they had to the Movement and the steps they should take to ensure that the people with whom they were involved were put into places of some advantage or authority. Is it any wonder that we see the same involvement here? Honourable members come into this chamber projecting exactly the same philosophy and reaching the point where they advocate union bashing, conscription, nuclear defence, snobocracy, phoney money policies, the gerrymandering of electorates and blatant dedication to vested and sectional interests. All this vicious bigotry was projected, in effect, by those people. The same sort of thing has been going on day after day in this House. If honourable members have any doubts about the track record of Mr Santamaria, I refer them to a book written by Mr Paul Ormonde and entitled 'The Movement'. He was deeply concerned with the Catholic workers' organisation and knew of his own knowledge what happened.

Time is running out for me, but I should like to draw the attention of the honourable member for Cowper (Mr Ian Robinson), who is at the table, to the conquest by stealth by which these organisations have almost gained control of the National Country Party. Believe me, it will be next, so it had better have a look at itself. The same sorts of techniques as were used in the unions to divide the Labor movement have been developed to infiltrate the Country Party. It will be next. So heed a note or warning. We see this sort of patronage given to individuals who week after week get out and glorify our involvement in the war in Vietnam and who put up precisely the same policies as those being enunciated by the National Country Party. Members of the National Country Party should have a look at themselves. It seems to me that this sort of association should not go unnoted. The association of these organisations with the honourable member for Gippsland (Mr Nixon), the honourable member for Mallee and others has to be looked at with a great deal of suspicion. Let us hope that in the future people on the other side of the House, including people in the Liberal Party, will take note of what I am saying, because many of them know full well that what I am saying now is the truth.

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