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Thursday, 6 December 1973
Page: 4453

Mr THORBURN (Cook) - It is interesting to note the boycott, particularly by members of the Liberal Party, of this debate this evening. 1 do not suppose any Party at any time has had the opportunity to peruse and to-

Mr Lloyd - They thought you were going to talk about turtles. That is why they stayed away.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Scholes)Imade sure that the previous speaker in this debate was heard in silence, despite the interruptions of his colleagues. I would suggest to honourable gentlemen that they remain silent as this standard of order has been maintained during the speeches of honourable members who have spoken in this debate. (Quorum formed)

Mr THORBURN - It is interesting to note that in response to the call for a quorum one additional Liberal member came into the House making a total of 3 members from that Party in the House at the moment to participate in the debate on this vital Bill which the Liberals have consistently demanded the right to debate, lt is now worth noting that one of them has just walked out. The Liberals have demanded the right to debate this vital Bill yet they are not present in the chamber when the Bill is being debated. This shows the shallowness and hypocrisy of the Opposition in relation to this matter.

One needs to be a member of this House for only a short time to understand that the Liberals know nothing about the subject of health and to realise that they have done no research on it. For instance, the honourable member for Chisholm (Mr Staley), who is trying to interject at the moment, made a statement about the Gross National Product of various countries. In view of the fact that he has had 6 months in which to do his research he could have at least got his figures right The honourable member in presenting his case said that 4 per cent of the GNP of Great Britain is being spent on the health services of that country. Yet, the Statistician's figures show, of course, that the true figure is 4.8 per cent If the honourable member continues to try to interject and wishes to dispute that fact I will incorporate in Hansard a table showing that the honourable member has made an error in his assumption.

Mr Staley - And I will also table a document.

Mr THORBURN - The honourable member can do so if he gets permission. However, I seek leave to incorporate the table in Hansard to have on record the fact that the honourable member did make a mistake.

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