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Tuesday, 20 November 1973
Page: 3569

Mr Anthony asked the Minister representing the Minister for Primary Industry, upon notice:

(1)   What stage has been reached in discussions with industry organisations regarding the establishment of an Australian Apple and Pear Corporation.

(2)   What method is proposed for the collection of levies from the industry to finance the activities of the Corporation.

(3)   Is it proposed that the levy will be collected on apples destined for utilisation by the processing industry.

Dr Patterson - The Minister for Primary Industry has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)   On 25 October 1973 I issued a Press release giving details of the Government's decision to establish an Australian Apple and Pear Corporation and stating that legislation for its establishment would be introduced in the present session. The Corporation will be established along the lines discussed with and agreed to by the Australian Apple and Pear Growers' Association.

(2)   The general intention is that a levy to finance the Corporation should apply to all apples and pears produced and sold. The most appropriate method of collection is presently under study. In the meantime the charge imposed on exports of apples and pears under the Apple and Pear Export Charges Act 1938- 1968 will be continued to finance the immediate needs of the Corporation.

(3)   Yes. It is envisaged that the Corporation will be engaging in important activities in the research and promotion fields related to processed apples and pears.

Second International Airport in New South Wales (Question No. 1151)

Mr O'Keefe asked the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice:

(1)   Has the Government given consideration to the establishment of the second international airport in New South Wales at Hexham, and does it appear to be an excellent site.

(2)   Is Hexham situated in open country between the City of Newcastle and the City of Maitland, where there would be no noise or pollution problem for any nearby residents.

(3)   Has this site been investigated, and is there any possibility of the second airport being established there.

Mr Charles Jones - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The Government has given consideration to the establishment of the second airport in localities remote from Sydney. It has been established that additional time, cost and inconvenience to passengers in transshipping to Sydney would be considerable. Furthermore, the need to ferry passengers, arriving on large international aircraft, to Sydney in smaller types would result to no significant reduction of aircraft movements in the Sydney area and hence additional airport capacity in proximity to Sydney would still be required. The site at Hexham has severe disabilities, the most important of which is that it would not be compatible with the continued operation of military aircraft at Williamtown.

(2)   A major international airport could not be established at Hexham without creating serious noise problems in the populated areas of Tarro, Beresfield, Woodberry, Hexham, Sandgate, Shortland and Birmingham Gardens.

(3)   The Hexham site was investigated some years ago in connection with the requirements for a domestic airport for the cities of Newcastle and Maitland and surrounding areas. This was, of course, prior to the introduction of jet aircraft and their accompanying noise problems. The civil aviation requirements are now, however, being satisfactorily provided at Williamtown and, in fact, there are projects in hand at the present time to improve the civil terminal areas facilities extensively which will permit the operation of DC9 and B727 aircraft. There is no possibility of the second airport being established at Hexham at this time. I consider Williamtown would be a more suitable site.

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