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Thursday, 25 October 1973
Page: 2773

Mr JAMES (Hunter) - The honourable member for Mackellar (Mr Wentworth), we know, is exceptionally clever at smearing but tonight he has given the best exhibition of smearing that I have heard him give for many a long day. He implied that the Prime Minister is the prisoner of the left wing. The Prime Minister is not the prisoner of any clique or body or left wing or right wing. When the Prime Minister recently appointed an ambassador to the Vatican, did he get the approval of the lift wing to do so? Certainly not. The left wing would not approve of a thing like that. That destroys the argument of the honourable member for Mackellar in one blow. That was the weakest effort he has ever put up in this Parliament. However, I do not intend to waste any more of my time. I want to disclose some facts, not to smear. I shall do so wholly and solely for the purpose of trying to purify our society. I came here with that objective: To purify our society, and to purify society one must constantly expose the rackets of the Liberal forces in this country, whether they be Federal or State. Today I disclosed to the Parliament - and I would never withdraw one word of it - the rackets perpetrated on the people of Australia by Australia's No. 1 master crook - I do not suppose that in my lifetime I shall ever see one of greater criminal talents. I refer to none other than Alexander Barton, who has skipped away out of the country after clipping members of the Australian community who were shareholders in his crook companies of $22.6m. However, I want to say something further about this man Barton and link it with the remarks I made in the grievance debate today. Prior to my time expiring during that debate today I had disclosed the name of another one of the crook companies that was originated by Alexander Barton and his crook partners. The legal advice that was given to the company came from none other than the present Attorney-General of New South Wales, Mr McCaw. Mr McCaw has been hobnobbing with other leading Liberals and the Queen in New South Wales during the last week.

A significant feature of the Barton story is that all the companies he formed were not formed until after Alexander Ewan Armstrong was expelled from the Upper House of the New South Wales Parliament. In 1968 Barton had taken a writ out against Armstrong alleging that Armstrong had threatened to have him murdered. The case went before Mr Justice Street in the Equity Court. If my memory is correct, Barton persisted in the court with his allegations. It was stated in the court that Armstrong had played a part in obtaining evidence of collusion by a woman who had admitted committing adultery with MajorGeneral Eskell, a leading Liberal. I believe that he is still the leading Liberal in the Upper House in New South Wales. On 25 February 1969 a motion was introduced into the New South Wales Legislative Council to expel Armstrong for unworthy conduct. Eskell was leader of the Liberal Party in the Liberalcontrolled Council, but no action was taken against him by his Liberal mates.

I could go on about Corporate Mining Investments, about Halls Peak Ltd, about Citadel Mining and Investment Co. Ltd - about all these phoney companies which McCaw, the New South Wales Attorney-General, acted for. These are the goings-on of people, all involved in the great Liberal Party of New South Wales. These are the kind of people cavorting with the Queen while Australia's Prime Minister (Mr Whitlam) was left for an hour in the wind and the rain by Premier Askin. Imagine the outrage of the Fairfax Press and the Packer Press if even the humblest member of the Australian Labor Party were involved in these sorts of dirty doings - adultery, allegations of murder, corruption, bribery and theft. Askin, the Premier of New South Wales, asked his police force to go into the Shortland electorate, as the honourable member for Warringah (Mr Mackellar) knows, but his friends in crime go scot-free. I want to shoot this home positively and definitely: Throughout the Barton operation one name comes up every time, and that is the name of the firm of solicitors - McCaw, Johnson and Co. McCaw is the AttorneyGeneral of New South Wales and has claimed repeatedly in Parliament that he has had no connection with the firm of McCaw, Johnson and Co. since 1965. I now want to read a letter written by a lady to a member of Parliament, but before I do so let me point out that as reported at page 419 of the New South Wales Parliament Hansard of 22 August Mr McCaw denied that he had had any connection with the firm of McCaw, Johnson & Co. since 1965. But listen to what this distinguished lady has said in writing to a State member. She said:

On 29.7.70, at about 9 a.m., I was in the Offices of Johnson, McCaw & Co. re Blue Mountains City Council v. Power. This matter involved a property at Hazelbrook. I was in the office of Mr Boland talking with him. The door was closed. A knock on the door came. Mr Boland went to it, opened it - Mr McCaw, the Attorney-General himself. Mr Boland returned to the office and got some papers. He left his office and went out for about 10 minutes. Returning he said to me-

That is the signer of this letter -

My partner wanted to sign cheques before he went to a funeral.' This was Mr McCaw. I have repeatedly heard Mr McCaw deny any interest in this legal firm since 1965. He does so in Parliament on 22.8.73.

Mr Bolanddirected me to the Public Solicitor to see Mr Bland and at once he himself phoned Mr Bland and gave him details of the Blue Mountains City

Council's action involving fraud regarding a Hazelbrook home and by this Council. I then saw Mr Bland who told me he will get in touch with the Council and book it for selling this property.

Later -

But no action was done.

The lady was not protected. The honourable member for Warringah can scan this. This unfortunate woman was a war widow. I will name you on the hustings if you make a joke of this. I will go into the electorate of Warringah and tell your people if you make a joke of this. This was an unfortunate war widow. And when I expose to you the rooking of a defenceless woman who got no aid through Mr McCaw you are trying to make a joke of my remarks. It ill becomes you. I thought that you were a man of richer character than that. So the Public Solicitor was informed and he did nothing. He was under the control or the influence of the Attorney-General of New South Wales. I will not name the signer of the letter. It is a war widow battling for her rights. I will make this letter available to Mr McCaw and I challenge him to deny it. If the letter is true, then the Attorney-General of New South Wales should be where the former Attorney-General of the United States now is - in the courts like any other common criminal.

Other scandalous things have been happening in the Liberal Party ranks in New South Wales. Not so long ago Sir John Pagan borrowed $100,000 from a building society of which he was president. A building society makes money available to the small people of the community at low rates of interest so that they can get their first home. Then on top of that he backed up after that scandal and was fined $500 by the Department of Customs and Excise for making a false declaration. This is the president of the Liberal Party of New South Wales, Sir John Pagan. He was president of a building society from which he was able to extract $100,000. This is the type of thing which is going on in New South Wales. It is the duty of every member of this Parliament with information-

Mr SPEAKER - Order! The honourable member's time has expired.

Mr Reynolds - I move an extension of time for the honourable member. This is a most serious accusation which has been made. I ask the House to allow him to continue. I move:

That the honourable member for Hunter's time be extended.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Mr JAMES - I am grateful to honourable members and I will be very brief. I asked the honourable member for Angas (Mr Giles) - and he agreed with me earlier today to have this document incorporated in Hansard. It refers to Sangara (Holdings) Ltd which is based in New Guinea and of which Stanley Louis Mowbray Eskell is or was the managing director. It is a letter signed by or on behalf of Mr R. A. Butler, the Deputy Registrar of Companies. It points out the numerous breaches of the Companies Act of New Guinea.

Mr SPEAKER - Order! Is the honourable member seeking leave to have that document incorporated?

Mr James - I am.

Mr SPEAKER - Is leave granted?

Mr Katter - I think the document will have to be examined before leave is granted.

Mr JAMES - I do not mind if it is examined as long as fair judgment is delivered on it. I thank you again, Mr Speaker, and the House for giving me an extension of time.

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