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Thursday, 25 October 1973
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Mr DOYLE (Lilley) - My grievance relates to a campaign currently being waged in the electorate of Lilley, a campaign that relates to an area of the electorate, the Brisbane airport, and to the proposal to build new runways and taxiways and to erect a terminal building and other facilities, thereby providing a new airport for the capital of Queensland. Of course, honourable members are well aware of my interest in this project, as I have spoken on it on several occasions in this House. I have been vitally interested, not merely of recent time but for many years, because I am aware that previous Liberal-Country Party governments have treated the people of Brisbane with complete and utter contempt. I point out that my interest in the citizens of the Lilley electorate is not new. It led me in 1969 to give evidence before the House of Representatives Select Committee which investigated the effect of aircraft noise. This was three and a half years before I was elected to the House of Representatives. Since my election I have been active in the interests of the people I represent, seeking protection for those who may be affected as a result of a new airport being built and seeking information in respect of the planning and work to be carried out in building this new airport.

It was gratifying for me to hear the Minister for Civil Aviation (Mr Charles Jones) in this House, when speaking on the Appropriation Bill on 10 October, recognising the interest that I have taken. I was particularly pleased to hear him tell the people of Australia, particularly the people of my area, that in this year's Estimates, $lm has been provided for the immediate purchase of property required for the development of the Brisbane Airport. He went on to say:

The man who was responsible for this is the honourable member for Lilley, who was recently elected to this House. He is the one who has shown all the interest.

The situation is that I have held meetings in the Lilley electorate and I have kept my constituents informed about what is occurring, particularly those who reside at Cribb Island and Nudgee Beach. I have visited these areas and spoken to people whose homes may be acquired. I have visited businessmen and private residents in these places and also in the Lower Nudgee area, and I have no doubt that all these people recognise my interest in their welfare. I suggest that people of those areas saw their Federal member on more occasions during the past 10 months than they did during the previous 9 years when a Liberal represented the area. I visited these people and kept them informed because I was aware that airport development work was proceeding and that finally, after years of empty promises made by Liberal governments, a Labor Government was taking action.

I was amazed recently to learn that leaflets were being distributed in some part of the Lilley electorate - leaflets sponsored by what is known as the Campaign for the Elimination of Aircraft Noise. Its purpose as it appears to me is to attack the present Government and not make any attack on the past Government, which was responsible for allowing aircraft noise to worry the people of Brisbane for so long. This leaflet is a scurrilous document loaded with erroneous statements. It is clearly political and has a very evident anti-Labor bias. I shall quote just a couple of lines from this scurrilous document. One part of it claims:

Last December, Mr Whitlam and your Federal Member promised in an election pamphlet elimination of noise within 3 years.

It goes on to make this request to the people of Lilley:

Protest to your ALP member now. Every time an aircraft annoys you, whether walebing television, listening to the radio, dining with your family or in ordinary conversation, remind him of the broken promise.

This campaign is endeavouring to incite people to make a nuisance of themselves by ringing my home and upsetting my family life about something over which I have no control, something which is the responsibility of previous Liberal governments at the Federal level. We hear so much about law and order, yet this leaflet is asking people to make a nuisance of themselves and upset my family.

There appears on this leaflet the name of A. Langton of Post Office Box 36, Nundah. Therefore I imagine that he is one who is involved with the supposed anti-noise campaign. I explain that at no time has Mr Langton or any member of the Campaign for the Elimination of Aircraft Noise approached me or made contact in any way to inquire as to what progress was being made with the airport development. The first knowledge I had of the activity of this body was when a copy of the leaflet to which I have referred was forwarded to me only a few days ago. I will explain the rather queer way in which this came into my hands. In explanation I point out that last week I received a telephone call from a person who claimed to be a very prominent member of the Liberal Party and one who resides in my electorate. I was of course somewhat surprised at this approach. However, after indentifying himself, this person asked me whether I had seen the leaflet on aircraft noise which was being distributed in parts of the electorate. Upon his being informed that I had not he volunteered to send one to me. This is how I came by that document. He indicated that he would contact me again after I had read the leaflet.

He duly contacted me and we had a discussion on the contents of the leaflet. I am convinced that this man will fight tooth and nail for the party to which he belongs, the Liberal Party, and its objectives. Nevertheless it was very evident that he believed in fair play - a quality I admire in any man. He said that he had tipped me off on what was happening in the electorate; that he was well aware of my interest in the airport. He congratulated me on the efforts I was making not just on behalf of one section of the people but on behalf of all sections. In respect of the airport location, he expressed complete contempt for the leaflet and its contents. He informed me that A. Langton, who resides at Toombul, Brisbane, is a Liberal Party branch secretary. In reply to my query whether this was the A. Langton whose name appeared on the leaflet he said: 'I am a betting man, and I will bet on that one'.

Following this discussion I decided to endeavour to track down the person whose name appeared on the scurrilous leaflet to which I have referred. I perused the Brisbane telephone directory and discovered that an A. Langton was listed as living at 7 Wallaby Street, Toombul, and that his phone number was 672197. I rang this number and spoke to a gentleman who identified himself as a person whose name appeared on the leaflet. I questioned him on the claim that the people of Lilley were given a promise by me prior to the last election that noise nuisance would be overcome at the airport within 3 years after a Labor Government took office. He admitted to me that he had no evidence to substantiate the assertion made in this regard. He appeared to be vague on Brisbane airport development. It appears that the so-called committee behind the Campaign for the Elimination of Aircraft Noise has not yet had a meeting. I was unable to establish when this committee was formed. However it is apparent that it did not operate during the term of the previous Liberal-Country Party Government when promises about the Brisbane Airport were broken with regularity. This indicates that the motives behind the campaign are more anti-ALP than anti-noise. .

I notice that the honourable member for Griffith (Mr Donald Cameron) sitting in the chamber. The honourable member for Griffith, after 7 years' silence in this chamber in relation to the Brisbane Airport, suddenly a couple of weeks ago decided to make a couple of speeches on the .airport. We checked and found that in 2 speeches over 6 years during the term of office of his own Government, and in 7 years up to this point, he made a passing reference to the Brisbane Airport. In the whole 7 years he had been here he had not asked one question about the Brisbane airport. Suddenly he became interested. I challenged him to come into my electorate and appear with me before the people I represent and show that I had not been doing my job on their behalf. He has not accepted that challenge. It is a sad state of affairs when people can, in an electorate, resort to the distribution of a gutter-type leaflet referring to something about which they admit they know nothing. It is shocking. It is scandalous if, in fact, the person whose name appears on this leaflet is the secretary of a Liberal Party branch.

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