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Wednesday, 10 October 1973
Page: 1906

Mr Snedden asked the Minister for Social Security, upon notice:

(1)   How many women who have commenced training under the training scheme for widow pensioners have completed the course since its inception in 1968.

(2)   What have been the types of course undertaken.

(3)   What has been the average training period involved in each type of course.

(4)   What has been the nature of the employment gained subsequent to the course.

(5)   What has been the average time lag between completion of course and gaining employment.

(6)   What has been the average cost per woman of the provision of such training.

(7)   What has been the age distribution of women involved in the scheme.

(8)   What has been the number of women supporting (a) one child, (b) two children, (c) three children and (d) four or more children while undertaking the course.

(9)   In respect of the women completing the course in each year, what has been the length of time those women remained in continuous or relatively continuous employment following completion of training.

MrHayden - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   4205 women have completed training.

(2)   The following types of courses were undertaken in 1972/73:


(3)Regular statistics are not maintained but, apart from tertiary training, most courses are completed within one year.

(4)   This information is not readily available.

(5)   Regular statistics concerning this information are not maintained.

(6)   During 1972/73 the average expenditure per trainee was $212.

(7)   The age distribution of women accepted for training since the inception of the scheme is as follows:


(8)   Regular statistics concerning this information are not maintained by the Department.

(9)   After commencement of employment, the Department maintains contact with the women for six months in order to provide any further assistance that may be required. Statistics relating to continuity of employment are, however, not maintained by the Department.

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