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Tuesday, 9 October 1973
Page: 1795

Mr GILES (ANGAS, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) - Mr Dunstan, the Premier of South Australia - the so-called puppet experimental area of the socialist dream, and he is not very happy.

Mr Hunt - What about the people of Canberra, suffering from the same socialist experiment?

Mr GILES - If I might be permitted to answer that interjection, I believe that that is a fait accompli, no matter how the Government juggles and attempts to wangle its way out of that one. I put this quite seriously because it is most urgent that if the Federal Government is to take advantage of the huge additional yields that the figures I gave earlier suggest will occur during this 12 months, it should try to channel something back to that productive element of our economy.

The Government cannot keep cutting the icing off the top of the cake and putting it into other areas if it discourages productivity at that level. Anything approaching this obviously is counter-productive and self defeating. My appeal tonight to the Treasurer in relation to his conduct of the economy of Australa is a very sincere one. It is simply that he must not lose sight of the tremendous wealth generated by people who are keen to work, by people who have small businesses, by co-operative companies or by small country companies whether they be proprietary companies or not. I refer, for instance, to Murray Bridge Meat which has had to sack all of its employees because of demands for vastly increased wages primarily founded on the New South Wales wage structure. That is the message I put up to the Treasurer tonight. I appreciate that the Treasurer has shown me consideration in my appeals on behalf of the brandy industry but he should not lose sight of the fact that he must go much further than a single industry and that productive elements must be encouraged if this is to be a great nation in the future.

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