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Thursday, 27 September 1973
Page: 1647

Mr CALDER (NORTHERN TERRITORY) - Do not tell me that you will also prejudge the way I am to vote in this debate.

Mr Daly - You have not said which way you will vote.

Mr CALDER - I stated which way I would vote last time. Page 2815 of Hansard shows that I voted for the Bill. No doubt the Minister will be speaking after me and I suppose he will abuse me and carry on the way he usually does.

Mr Enderby - Me?

Mr CALDER - No, not you. I was referring to the Minister at the table, the Minister for Services and Property (Mr Daly). I can handle you quite easily. Talking about handling people, I would suggest to the Minister for Services and Property that if he were to come up to the Northern Territory, some 5 miles out of Alice Springs, possibly another byelection would be needed, this time in the electorate of Grayndler. I propose to take the Minister for Services and Property to task on his continued inaccuracies in this House. The Minister once said that I, the honourable member for the Northern Territory, believed in 100 per cent Senate representation for the Northern Territory as long as I did not have to vote on it. Well, that very afternoon I voted on it. Why is he allowed to come into the House and say these things and get away with them?

Mr O'Keefe - You fixed it up.

Mr CALDER - I have not fixed it up yet. I am hoping to fix him on a dark night somewhere on the Stuart Highway. The Minister went on to say:

If anyone wants assistance the honourable member for the Northern Territory does, but today in this Parliament he said that he does not want anybody to help him in the 500,000 square miles he represents.

That was not in Hansard at all. He made it up as he also made up the business of how I was to vote. The Minister then said: 'He has never voted for anything worthwhile for the Northern Territory'. If one goes to the Northern Territory and sees what has happened there in the last 6 years one will see that the honourable member for the Northern Territory did vote on something worthwhile. I challenge the Minister on that point. The Minister then said:

.   . Yet the member for the Northern Territory today said that those people do not need additional representation.

That is completely wrong. I did not say that. Honourable members can read my speech in Hansard, by all means, and they can rise and say what they like about it. At a later date the Minister came into the House and, off the cuff in great humorous style, said that no Country Party member had got into this House with 50 per cent of the vote. There was a certain amount of reaction to that statement and once again the statement was completely wrong. As a matter of fact when I was first elected to this House I received more than 50 per cent of the votes. However, I was not one of the Country Party members who made a personal explanation on this matter. I concluded my remarks during that debate by calling the Minister an utter ratbag. I made that remark without thinking. In view of the remarks I have just made I should call him an unmitigated liar.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Drury)Order!The honourable member must withdraw that expression.

Mr CALDER - The unmitigated part?

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