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Thursday, 20 September 1973
Page: 1403

Mr DOYLE (Lilley) - There was a suggestion some time ago that Parliament might be televised. I feel pretty certain that it is in the interests of the honourable member for Griffith (Mr Donald Cameron) that we are not on the air. As he said, on about 6 occasions he had spoken in this chamber about the Brisbane airport. On Wednesday he was successful in having quite a fair story run in the 'Courier-Mail*. I was looking through that newspaper this morning to see whether the challenge I extended to him last night to come into my electorate had been reported in Brisbane. I was disappointed that it had not been because I happen to know quite a deal about the Brisbane airport

We heard the honourable member for Griffith last evening and on the other evenings upon which he has spoken on this matter tell the House about his agitation and activity over the years on behalf of the people of Brisbane. My colleague the honourable member for Bowman (Mr Keogh), after making a thorough investigation, was able to discover that on only 2 occasions in 6 years has the honourable member for Griffith mentioned in a speech anything about the Brisbane Airport. Not wishing to be unkind to him, because one can raise matters in another way, I had a thorough investigation made today of questions he might have asked on the Brisbane Airport over the past 7 years. I found that he was not asked one question on that subject in 7 years. Yet this Sir Galahad from Griffith comes into this chamber and tells the people that he is championing the cause of Brisbane citizens, looking after their interests. He made a few statements this evening which were incorrect. If that is looking after the interests of the people of Brisbane it is not much of a criterion.

Last evening the honourable member for Griffith stated that I had said that the ecology studies at the Brisbane Airport had not been carried out. I did not say that. I said that ecology studies of the proposed airport and surrounding areas have been carried out. If he checks Hansard and if I am correctly reported he will find that was what I said, because I read from a prepared sheet. I know that ecology studies have been carried out not just at the Brisbane Airport but extensively over an area as far north as Caloundra and right down to Tweed Heads. This was carried out under the terms of the recommendations of the advisory committee whose report was handed down in January last year.

I know that a campaign has been initiated by the Liberal Party. The State member for Nundah, the Queensland Attorney-General who lives in Nundah, like the honourable member for Griffith has quite suddenly become aware that we have an airport at Brisbane. During the time that the Liberals were in office here we heard nothing from them about the Brisbane Airport. No questions were asked by the honourable member for Griffith on the subject and in 2 speeches he made rather casual references to the airport. Now we have a Labor Government which is carrying on the plan that was recommended by the advisory committee. The Lord Mayor of Brisbane - that dynamic personality who has done so much for Queensland - was responsible for much of the good work that is going on in the Airport area. We hear Liberal supporters speak about what they were going to do. I was rather amused to find after coming here that when we introduced legislation to provide a vote for 18-year-olds a succession of Liberal speakers stood up and said: We were going to do that.' When we introduced legislation to improve Defence Forces Retirement Benefit Fund payments for servicemen the Liberals said that they were going to do that. Looking back over 20 years, we find that the Liberals were going to abolish the means test. They are always going to do something.

Let us get to the record. Last December the Department of Civil Aviation produced its report for 1971-72, one of the last reports handed down by the Liberal-Country Party Government. If the honourable member for Griffith is interested in Brisbane and the Brisbane Airport he might care to listen to an extract from the report. At that time Senator Cotton was the Minister for Civil Aviation. The report stated:

The joint Commonwealth-State-Brisbane City Advisory Committee has completed a review of the future development of Brisbane Airport. The committee's report recommending the concept to be adopted has been completed. An Aviation Industry Advisory Committee, comprising representatives of all segments of the aviation industry, provided support and contributed to the work of the Joint Government Committee.

Master plans are now being developed on the basis of the Committee's recommendation. Detailed investigation and planning is proceeding for the first stage of development, which includes major site filling and surcharging and the diversion of the Kedron Brook floodway.

As an interim measure, work to cost about $380,000 has begun on extending the aircraft terminal aprons to cater for increased traffic.

If the honourable member for Griffith would listen he would find out what is going on. The terminal aprons are associated with and are connected to the existing runways and the terminal area at Brisbane Airport. That extract would indicate to me that in 1972 plans to develop the Brisbane Airport were not being seriously considered. But I have made further investigations and I find that the capital value of the airports of Australia from 1967 until this year has increased as follows: Melbourne $64im; Sydney $64m; but in Brisbane only $5m. Over that period while money was being expended on the other airports by the previous Government the Brisbane Airport was forgotten.

I was pleased to hear the honourable member for Griffith say that he is not going to carry on with the late show pantomine next Tuesday evening. I again challenge him and invite him to come into my electorate of Lilley before the people with whom I associate and with whom I have spoken. They are the people I keep informed about what is going on in the area. I ask him to debate with me in my electorate the attitude I have adopted. I invite him also to have a look at the advisory committee report and the timetable it contains. As I mentioned last evening, it stipulates that the construction of the runway at the proposed new airport is to commence about mid-"1976. Unless he has a crystal ball and can look into the future I do not know how he can say to this House that we are not going along with the timetable.

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