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Thursday, 20 September 1973
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Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - lt is good to see the Minister for Services and Property (Mr Daly) back to hear this for the first time. I refer to Hansard of 3 May when the Minister for Transport and Minister for Civil Aviation (Mr Charles Jones) said:

There has been a long standing practice in this place - certainly while I have been a member for the last 14} years - that if an honourable member intends to make an attack on another honourable member he always pays him the courtesy of telling him in advance.

The Minister is again not here tonight and I regret very much that for the sixth time in a row he has failed to turn up and take advantage of the opportunity to answer the questions that I have to lay on the table in relation to the future development of the Brisbane airport. I refer to a Press release issued by the former Prime Minister (Mr McMahon) and the Premier of Queensland on 16 December 1971 when they jointly announced 'a master plan for Brisbane airport'. On 9 August 1972 the Commonwealth Department of Works and Department of Civil Aviation and the Queensland Co-ordinator-General's Department issued a statement entitled: 'Brisbane Airport Development. Environmental Study Begins'. That study in Brisbane was to include the physical features - topography, drainage, tidal flows, water and air quality, soil types, land use and the sea beds; flora - plant life including mangroves in the area adjacent to Moreton Bay and marine plants in Bramble Bay; fauna- bird and animal life in the airport area, fish, prawns, other marine life, mosquitoes and sandflies; also aircraft noise, historical and archeological sites, etc.

That was the beginning or the environmental study, which a reading of last night's Hansard shows that the honourable members for Lilley (Mr Doyle) and Bowman (Mr Keogh) say was never commenced. The Courier-Mail' of 17 August 1972 had an article with a heading, 'Brisbane Airport $500,000 Survey'. The report originated from Canberra. It stated:

The Civil Aviation Department will spend $500,000 this financial year on investigations for major development at Brisbane Airport This is revealed in the 1972-73 'Budget Papers.

I refer to the Senate Hansard of 23 May 1973. The Minister representing the Minister for Transport, Senator Cavanagh, in a reply to a question by Senator Lawrie stated:

The Brisbane Airport studies have advanced to the point where preliminary cost estimates are available for Government consideration together with a quite comprehensive environmental impact statement.

The present Government has endeavoured to justify its stalling of the advancement of the Brisbane airport by stating that the environmental studies are not complete. It has done nothing but stall recently. The honourable members opposite when we have heard them on various ocacsions have claimed that this is a big dream, that the Labor Government is not really stalling on the Brisbane airport. I would appreciate a reply to the expression of none other than the Labor Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Alderman Jones, in the 'Courier Mail" of 23 August 1973:

The recommendation to defer the establishment of a new airport for Brisbane was disappointing, the Lord Mayor, (Alderman Jones) said yesterday. Alderman Jones was commenting on the Federal Budget handed down by the Treasurer. The deferment recommendation was contained in the Coombs report. 'J have always had the greatest respect for Dr Coombs, but I am very disappointed that he has recommended the airport be deferred', said Alderman Jones.

As I have said time and time again in this House recently, the previous Government was definitely - there is no argument about this - to spend $lm this year on the commencement of the Brisbane airport. In the next financial year it had allocated a sum of $13m and-

Mr Keogh - Rubbish.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - The honourable member says: 'Rubbish'. It is about time he woke up and started to care for Queensland. Maybe he does not care about Wellington Point-

Mr Keogh - I rise to a point or order. It is that the honourable member for Griffith has reflected on my integrity as representing the seat of Bowman and as a Queensland member. I ask him to withdraw the statement that it is about time I woke up and stuck up for Queensland.

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