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Wednesday, 19 September 1973
Page: 1301

Mr DOYLE (Lilley) - This evening the honourable member for Griffith (Mr Donald Cameron) has been exposed as a phoney. Last evening in this chamber-

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Mr Speaker, I take grave exception to the use of that expression. I regard the word 'phoney' as unparliamentary. It is offensive to me.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! I think that the honourable member for Lilley would have done better to refer to the phoney speech.

Mr DOYLE - I withdraw the word 'phoney' and say that this evening, as he did last night, the honourable member for Griffith has attempted to grandstand in this place. He has used abusive language to attack a most kindly and gentlemanly person, the Minister for Civil Aviation (Mr Charles Jones). We have been shown this evening that in 6 years in this Parliament the honourable member for Griffith made 2 speeches on the subject of the Brisbane airport. He has made 3 speeches apparently on that subject in the last few days. The honourable member says that he has made 4 speeches on the Brisbane airport in the last few days. If the other three were no better than the speech that we have heard this evening I would suggest that he should give the game away with respect to debating what is happening in relation to the Brisbane airport. It appears from the references that have been quoted from speeches of the honourable member in 1970 and 1971 that his approach to the previous Government of which he was a member was that of a mouse. He approached the then Prime Minister, Mr McMahon, and said: 'Sir, I want you to do something'. Now he is roaring like a lion in this place. But he is a pretty old and timid lion, I feel.

Mr Keogh - And toothless.

Mr DOYLE - Probably with no teeth. What the honourable member for Griffith has not said is that in the Budget for 1972-73 the previous Liberal Government allocated S500.000 to the improvement of Brisbane airport. The recent decision of the Labor Government has resulted in $6.5m being allocated to the updating and modernisation of Brisbane airport. If 'we wish to compare the money appropriated by this Government with the efforts of the previous Government in its last year of office, it will be seen that the Labor

Government has allocated in the last few months 12 times more than the Liberal Government allocated in its last 1 2 months in office. I mentioned last evening the attitude of the previous Government to the Brisbane airport. It would appear that it was anti-Queensland. A great deal of money was expended by the former Government in either building new airports or updating and modernising existing airports in Perth, Launceston, Sydney and Melbourne. But nothing was done with respect to the Brisbane airport.

Certainly due to the insistence of members of the Labor Party in Opposition in this House for a better deal for Queensland and with the assistance of Brisbane's dynamic Lord Mayor, the conservatives were finally nudged into the position where they agreed to set up an advisory committee to review the primary airport facilities to serve the future needs of Brisbane. I repeat that had it not been for the activities of Brisbane's dynamic Lord Mayor who has played a major role in the planning of the new airport and the proposals which will result in Brisbane having a modern international airport in the not distant future, and had it not been for the pressure applied by Labor members in this House or at the local government level in Brisbane, this advisory committee would not have been appointed. It is well known that one of the terms of reference of that committee was to seek to reduce the noise level in certain residential areas of Brisbane.

Mr Eric Robinson (MCPHERSON, QUEENSLAND) - What about Cribb Island?

Mr DOYLE - Unfortunately - and this is one thing that makes me extremely sad - the people of Cribb Island and Nudgee Beach who can least afford to be disturbed and removed from their homes are the ones who will be suffering because of the modernisation of the Brisbane airport. But they are accepting this decision. With a government in office which is prepared to pay proper compensation, to resettle them and to look after their interests, they are prepared, I believe, to step aside to allow this airport to be developed. It is well known, as I mentioned last evening, that the report of this advisory committee was handed down in January of last year. Nobody in my electorate, in the electorate of Griffith or anywhere else in Brisbane had any idea of what the conservatives intended to do with regard to putting in progress the work suggested in that report.

Let me explain what I have done since my election to this House. I do not come here to blow my bags about what I have done, but I believe that the statements made by the honourable member for Griffith are a reflection on my representation of my electorate. I feel that I must say that since I have been elected to this Parliament I have worked tirelessly on behalf of the people of the electorate of Lilley on the matter of the development of the Brisbane airport. When I came here the day after my election to this Parliament was confirmed, I approached the Minister for Civil Aviation and asked him what he was going to do about modernising Brisbane airport and proceeding with the work. I have talked to him on numerous occasions since. He has arranged conferences for me with heads of the Department of Civil Aviation and with the Department of Services and Property. We have had meetings in the Lilley electorate.

It is pretty obvious to me that the honourable member for Griffith with his great interest in Brisbane airport knew nothing about these matters while they were going on. I doubt very much whether, if he were asked to find his own way to Brisbane airport, he could find his own way there. I venture to suggest that there are many areas of my electorate in which he has not been. Matters may be becoming a bit hard for him in Griffith and he is endeavouring to set up a smokescreen to take the heat off his own area. But I can assure him that I am quite capable of looking after the people of my electorate. If the honourable member cares to come into my electorate at any time I will debate with him what I have done on behalf of the people there. I will take to the people in my electorate copies of the speeches that he made on 2 occasions in 6 years here. The people of Lilley can judge then whether I have been active on their behalf.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - It is what your Minister does, not what you think, that is important.

Mr DOYLE - All right. As I mentioned last evening, the work of developing this new airport area is something which cannot be undertaken in a short space of time. Drainage work must be carried out. Provision must be made for a floodway. This floodway will assist the people of the lower Nudgee area by providing drainage for their properties. When the floodway is developed by the Commonwealth Government, it will be handed over to the Brisbane City Council. It will provide parklands, sporting fields and facilities that will enhance the beauty of the area and will make available to the young people of that district facilities for sport and for recreation. I mention these aspects because they underline the good features of what will occur as a result of this development.

I mentioned last night, I believe - I had 3 minutes only in which to speak then - that an ecological study was being carried out and that a scale model of the proposed airport development had been built at the University of Queensland so that the flooding patterns of Brisbane could be gauged in relation to the development of that airport. A number of people have become involved in the planning of Brisbane airport. If the honourable member for Griffith and members of his Party believe that one can go into an area such as this which is a low-lying area and-

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - The studies are completed.

Mr DOYLE - That interjection indicates that the honourable member does not know what he is talking about. The studies are still going on. Only last Friday I met officers of the Department of Works concerning the floodway around the Nudgee Beach area. Certain works are to be carried out there and tests made to see whether the floodway can be made not quite so wide to enable some of the homes in the area to be left as they are. When the honourable member interjects and mentions that the studies are completed it indicates that he does not know exactly what is going on in the area at all. About 10 million cubic yards of sand will be pumped into the runway areas to form a base. I believe the sand will have to settle for about 2 years. As I mentioned last night a report submitted to the previous Gov.ernrment set out a timetable showing that the construction of the first runway will commence about mid 1976 and will be completed in about 1979.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member's time has expired.

Mr DONALDCAMERON (Griffiths)- I wish to make a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Yes, I do. I will be very quick in my remarks. I do not think I was misrepresented deliberately. The honourable member for Lilley (Mr Doyle) failed to take into account what Senator Cavanagh said in the Senate. He said that quite a comprehensive environmental impact statement had been completed. Furthermore the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, who is a Labor Mayor, said that he was disappointed with the Labor Party's decision on this particular project.

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