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Wednesday, 19 September 1973
Page: 1244

Mr KING (Wimmera) - After listening to the Minister for Immigration (Mr Grassby) trying to answer some of the questions raised by the honourable member for New England (Mr Sinclair) I am convinced that I am now more confused than ever I have been since the commencement of this debate. I am sure that many honourable members on this side are equally as confused. Earlier the Minister said that requests had come from the industry. I want to know - because he has not explained it - what requests. Can he explain to me why graziers are sending in protests not by ones and twos but, in some cases, by hundreds? This is the attitude of the industry. I endorse what the honourable member for New England has said about firing questions at the Minister on this subject. I am not sure whether the Minister 'has got tangled up in a personal way with the shirt that he is now wearing and is trying to draw a red herring across the trail, but this seems to be the case. He has spoken about money being allocated for the brucellosis eradication campaign. If, through this measure, we are establishing a fund to be used for the express purpose of the eradication of tuberculosis and other things, will the Minister explain what will happen if, on the one hand, we have a shortage of funds? Does this mean that the campaign will be eased down or retarded? On the other hand, what will happen to surplus funds that are collected as a result of this legislation?

Mr Adermann - They will go into Consolidated Revenue.

Mr KING - That is fair enough, but what happens if there is a shortage? Will Consolidated Revenue make up the deficit? The eradication of disease is far more important than some of the matters that have been put by the Minister for Immigration. I should like the Minister to explain some points because, after all, this is an important measure. The honourable member for New England repeatedly has requested information from the Minister, but it has not been forthcoming. If we cannot sort the matter out here how in the name of fortune will graziers be able to sort it out outside this place?

Mr GRASSBY(Riverina - Minister for Immigration) <3.1) - I have given the facts; I have given the assurances; I have given all the information that the Committee needs to make up its mind and on that basis I move that we vote on the measure.

The CHAIRMAN (Mr Scholes - The question is:

That the amendments be agreed to.

Mr Sinclair - No, Mr Chairman. The Minister has moved that the question be put.

The CHAIRMAN - That is not correct. The Minister did not move a motion at all. He indicated that the question should be put. He did not move a motion. If he intended to he did not. So far as I am concerned, the question is that the amendments be agreed to. I call the honourable member for Darling Downs.

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