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Thursday, 23 August 1973
Page: 399

Mr Garland asked the Prime Minister, upon notice:

In respect of (a) the Department of Immigration, (b) the Postmaster-General's Department and (c) the Department of Supply, what was (i) the number of persons employed under the Public Service Act and other Acts at (A) 30 June 1971, (B) 30 November 1972 and (C) 30 May 1973, (ii) the number employed who were permanent, temporary or exempt officers or employees, at each of the above dates and under each Act, (iii) the total establishment under the Public Service Act and other .Acts at (A) 30 June 1971, (B) 30 November 1972 and (C) 30 May 1973, (iv) the number of positions oh establishment that were vacant at (A) 30 June 1971, (B) 30 November 1972 and (C) 30 May 1973 and (v) the number of new positions created since 30 November 1972 under the Public Service Act or other Acts, and the number that had not been occupied up to 30 May 1973 or which were vacant at 30 May 1973.

Mr Whitlam - The Public Service Board has provided the following information in answer to the honourable member's question:



NOTE: Regarding Items (iii) and (iv) for the Postmaster-General's Department that Department has advised that staff and establishment statistics are only kept on a quarterly basis and therefore information is not available as at 30 November 1972 and 30 May 1973.

Establishment in the Department is of three types: Created establishment - positions created by the Public Service Board in the normal way and consisting mainly of clerical, supervisory, administrative, managerial and professional positions.

Bulk establishment - positions created in bulk by the Public Service Board and allocated by the Department as required. The bulk establishment covers about 80 per cent of the total establishment and provides positions for mainly operating, technical and some lines staff.

Lines quota - to meet variable work requirements the Public Service Board approves a quota for the employment of Lines Assistants and Linesmen which includes those positions created in the bulk establishment.

The only information about vacancies that can be supplied is the difference between the total 'establishment' under the above three headings and the total staff employed. This is shown hereunder for the quarters nearest to the dates in the question.


Regarding Item (v) the PostmasterGeneral's Department advised that it would have been necessary to collect this information from many widely dispersed points throughout the whole of the Department. 'To collect it would have necessitated a major redeployment of staff resources from urgent work and this was not possible'.

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