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Thursday, 31 May 1973
Page: 3059

Mr McLeay asked the Minister for Immi gration, upon notice:

(1)   What are the provisions for entry into Australia of citizens of Rhodesia,

(2)   Is there any discrimination on ethnic or racial grounds when determining entry policy.

(3)   Under what provisions were Mr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi and Mr Eddison J. M. Zvobgo allowed into Australia.

(4)   Upon what passports do these men travel.

(5)   Upon what passports did the Girls Brigade from Rhodesia travel.

(6)   Was this a multi-racial team.

(7)   What was the ethnic composition of the team, i.e., black, white and mixed race.

(8)   Was the team permitted entry into Australia; if not, why not.

(9)   Can he say whether Mr Mumbengegwi is chairman of a joint African terrorist organisation operating in Rhodesia.

(10)   Has his attention been drawn to Mr Mumbengegwi's statement that the only good white man is a dead one; if so, is Mr Mumbengegwi to be permitted to raise funds in Australia for the purpose of supporting violence elsewhere.

Mr Grassby - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Having regard to the sanctions imposed against Rhodesia by decisions of the United Nations Security Council the Government had decided:

(i)   to allow visits to Australia by holders of Rhodesian passports only when strong humanitarian grounds are present;

(ii)   to allow private tourist visits by residents of Rhodesia holding other than Rhodesian passports provided they are not known to have furthered or encouraged the unlawful actions of the illegal regime in Rhodesia;

(iii)   not to allow visits by persons resident in Rhodesia whether holding Rhodesian passports or not, or by other persons resident elsewhere for the purpose of attending conferences (except those of a religious nature) or participating in sporting events in which they would appear as representing Rhodesia;

(iv)   to determine on their individual merits visit applications by residents of Rhodesia holding non Rhodesian passports wishing to attend conferences in their individual capacities - not as representatives of Rhodesia.

(2)   No.

(3)   and (4) Mr E. J. M. Zvobgo was admitted to Australia as a visitor from the United States of America. He holds a passport issued by the United Kingdom authorities. Mr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is at present studying in Australia. He holds an award under the Special Commonwealth African Assistance Plan. He travelled to Australia on a passport issued by the United Kingsom authorities. Those aspects of the honourable member's question which relate to Mr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi are within the responsibilities of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and have been referred to him.

(5)   Three held South Africa passports and the remaining two held United Kingdom passports. However, it is understood that three of the five also held Rhodesian passports.

(6)   Yes.

(7)   All but one were of European descent.

(8)   See Answer to Q. 99 Hansard 758-759 of 27 March 1973.

(9)   and (10) See comments under 3 and 4 above concerning Mr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.

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