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Wednesday, 30 May 1973
Page: 2907

Mr CHARLES JONES (Newcastle) (Minister for Transport) - in reply - After listening to that humorous speech by the honourable member for Gippsland (Mr Nixon) and taking into consideration that he has a reputation in this House of being a dour old campaigner with no humour in his soul, to sit and listen to his speech interspersed with giggles and laughter by him one can understand just why he made the speech that he did make. One could honestly believe that he was a new member in this House who had had nothing whatever to do with the 'Straitsman'. Yet when the Grassy port was mentioned the honourable member said: 'Oh, that was mine.' He poked out his chest. But what he did not do was to tell us what went on in the last 6 months of his reign as Minister for Shipping and Transport. He was in charge of that portfolio when Captain Houfe brought this ship into service on 1 May 1972 and in the 7 weeks in which it operated the company allegedly lost $90,000. What did the honourable member for Gippsland and the former Minister for Works, Senator Wright, do about this matter? I almost forgot about the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr Lynch) who also made one of bis hypocritical speeches in this House tonight in which he criticised me for what I have allegedly not done in this matter. Yet they are the guilty men. You know that, Mr Deputy Speaker, and everyone else knows that they were the people who allowed-

Mr Giles - I rise to order. I think there has been a clear implication that the Deputy Leader of the Opposition has been termed hypocritical' by the Minister. I would ask you, Mr Deputy Speaker, to demand a withdrawal of that remark.

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