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Tuesday, 22 May 1973
Page: 2462

Mr Viner (STIRLING, WESTERN AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister for Urban and Regional Development, upon notice:

(1)   Has any study been made within or on behalf of the Government to determine whether or not there are any advantages or benefits in a system of long term leasehold tenure over the established system of freehold ownership of land.

(2)   If so, will he, in the interests of open government, make the results of the study public.

(3)   Why is it proposed that private land development in the Albury-Wodonga project will, as a general rule, be by long term leasehold tenure rather than freehold ownership.

(4)   By what criteria will circumstances be judged exceptional in a determination by the development corporation not to develop land by way of long term leasehold tenure.

(5)   In the case of exceptional circumstances, what form of land holding, alternative to long term leasehold tenure, would the development corporation be authorised to adopt.

Mr Uren - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   No. But a study is presently being undertaken by a Commission of Inquiry headed by Mr Justice Else-Mitchell.

(2)   The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Land Tenures will be made public.

(3)   It was agreed at a meeting in Albury/Wodonga on 25 January 1973 by the Prime Minister and the Premiers of New South Wales and Victoria that the proposed Development Corporation, unless there are exceptional circumstances, will follow a policy of providing fully serviced sites for development on a long-term leasehold tenure. This proposal is consistent with the policy employed in Canberra. The details of the system will be determined by the three

Governments concerned following the Inquiry referred to in (1).

(4)   The criteria will be determined by the three Governments concerned following the Inquiry referred to in (1).

(5)   This will be determined by the three Governments concerned following the Inquiry referred to in (1).

Vernon Committee of Enquiry into the Economy (Question No. 460)

Mr Kerin asked the Prime Minister, upon notice:

(1)   What was the size and composition of the staff servicing the Vernon Committee of Enquiry into the Economy.

(2)   Were any people other than members of the Public Service recruited to serve the Committee.

(3)   If so, (a) what were their qualifications and (b) from where Were theyrecruited.

(4)   What were the classifications of the public servants who serviced the Enquiry.

Mr Whitlam -The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   (2) and(3)(b). I refer the honourable member to the report of the Committee of Economic Enquiry, page1126.

(3)   (a)

Mr J.H. H. Beale Arts and Science graduate with experience in Market Research.

Mr G.T. Bills Senior Lecturer in Economics, formerly with BHP.

Mr G.R. Bruns Assistant Chief Economist at the ANZ Bank.

Professor G. G. Firth - Professor of Economics. Mr J. C. Fowler - Graduate Trainee with BP Australia.

Mr W.P. Goodwin Retired Journalist formerly with the News and Information Bureau.

Mr R.L. Gray Research Assistant to Sir John Crawford at the ANU.

Mr E.F. Herbert , Personal Assistant to Dr Vernon at CSR.

Mrs L.Jorgensen Arts Graduate with Economics Honours - Research Assistant at ANU.

Mr R.H. Scott Economist with Reserve Bank.

Mr R.B. Scotton Chief Economist with the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney.

Mr R.L. S. Starling Bachelor of Science (Economics) Honours, University of London.

Mr J.R. Thomas B.Ec. Assistant Manager, Investment Department, Reserve Bank.

Dr D.B. Williams - Visiting Professor, Agricultural Economics, University of Melbourne.

(4)   Today's current Public Service equivalent classifications of those Public Servants who serviced the Enquiry are listed below.

Dr F.B. Horner; Level 3

Mr A.W. McCasker, Level 1

Mr J.Cassidy Class 8

Mr P.J. Dixon Class 9

Mr C G Edwards (BEROWRA, NEW SOUTH WALES) ds - Class 6, later Class 7

Miss K. Gleeson; Class 9

Mr A.J. Glenn; Class 5

Miss V. A. Green; Class 1

Mr J.A. D. Haddon Cadet

Dr S.F. Harris Class 10, later Level, 1

Mr A.J. Hawke- Class 1

Mr J.Hickey Class 7

Miss S. E. Hyne; Class 2/3, later Class 4

Mr D.F. Livingstone ; Class 11

Miss M. G. N. Morris- Class 8

Mr F.G. H. Pooley Class 7

Mr J.T. Sullivan Class 5

Mr B.A.Usback Class 2/3

Mr A.G. F. Weatherstone; Class 7, later Class 8.

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