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Tuesday, 22 May 1973
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Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - It has been a bit of a struggle for me to obtain the opportunity of speaking in this debate this afternoon. The subject we are discussing is most interesting and I believe the legislation before us is an indication of the new Government's long term policies. I must draw the attention of the Minister for Transport and Minister for Civil Aviation to the fact that his quotation of what was said by Sir Peter Abeles was only a journalist's interpretation of Sir Peter's comments. To indulge in a little bit of genuine quotation, I quote Sir Peter Abeles:

I haven't seen the legislation but they should be in the Bill.

Sir Peterwent on and said that he accepted the Minister's intention in good faith. I would think that any member of this Parliament and particularly a Minister who intends to quote someone as a source should refer to a person who at least is aware of what he is referring to and does not come out publicly and say.

I haven't seen the legislation.

I believe that the amendment which has been moved by the honourable member for Gippsland (Mr Nixon) is a necessary one. We have heard honourable members on the other side of the House protest strongly that this legislation will not lead to what Opposition members suggest it possibly could lead to. I will accept in good faith, as Sir Peter Abeles, the Minister's intention. But I ask the Minister to reflect the type of government of which he is a Minister - a party dedicated to socialism. I would like to quote from the Twenty-ninth Conference of the Australian Labor Party held in Launceston in 1971 to show that this is not a figment of my imagination. Section V of the platform of the Australian Labor Party which relates to economic planning states:

With the object of achieving Labor's socialist objectives, Labor will establish or extend public enterprise, where appropriate by nationalisation, particularly in the fields of banking, consumer finance, insurance, marketing, housing, stevedoring, transport and in areas of anti-social private monopoly.

Mr Keogh - Very good. That is the best part of your speech.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - The honourable member for Bowman said that this is the best part of my speech. He parades himself in this House as a middle of the roader, yet he is nothing but a warped tool of the trades hall.

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Dr Jenkins)Order! I ask the honourable member for Griffith to come back to the clause under discussion.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Very well. That will teach him to come into it. The Bill as it stands - and I know that we are discussing a proposed sub-section at the moment - is such as to allow the present Government, or if there happens to be a disaster and that Government continues after the next election, to introduce changes to implement the Labor Party's policy.

The Minister has admitted that the Bill has been 'written in broad terms'. I repeat it. We heard a fine contribution this afternoon by my friend and colleague the honourable member for Moreton (Mr Killen) who went through this Bill clause by clause and showed the House the inconsistencies in the Bill and the areas where the Bill can be manipulated. The Opposition spokesman said, and rightly so - and I note that this amendment is just suggesting certain changes - that certain changes were mooted by the previous Government. The facts are that we did not moot the changes which the Government is attempting to foist on to the Australian people right now. I believe that the erection and creation of hotels by airline companies is a necessary project in certain cases. For instance, if someone is going to northern Queensland and has to fly through Brisbane, the last flight into Brisbane may be so late that that person cannot catch another plane until the next day because of the curfew. People in these circumstances have to be accommodated somewhere. The previous Government proposed to introduce these measures to enable Trans-Australia Airlines, as Ansett Transport Industries had done in the past, effectively to accommodate these people by taking them from the company's terminal at the airport to, for instance the city terminal and just sending them upstairs to spend the night. They could come straight down in the morning and enter the transport to return to the airport. That is fair enough and I have absolutely no opposition to this. But I oppose the concept or the possibilities of the Government introducing legislation which will enable TAA to be used and manipulated in the future to allow it to implement some of the socialist objectives to which I referred earlier.

There is no doubt that the Australian Labor Party, the Government, is dedicated to socialist objectives. To all those people who are now writing to members of the Parliament pleading that they are free enterprise people who do not support this Bill and would like to see it opposed, I take this opportunity to remind them that the Australian Labor Party's Federal platform has been available for a long time. If they did not see fit to make a close study of what the Party would do when it achieved power, it is a little late to start crying and whinging now. In concluding, I ask the Minister to consider carefully the amendments proposed. There is a whole string of them. Lord knows how many this Bill needs, but there is a whole string of proposed amendments. I ask the Minister to consider them carefully because the Opposition is trying to put in precise terms the objectives that the Minister for Transport claims that the Government is trying to implement by the passage of this Bill.

If the Minister is really sincere he will not allow his Party in the future to twist and change this Bill and use it to achieve objectives which his Party basically believes in. If he wants to join our side for the next vote - I am not suggesting he should gag the debate - and bring some of the honourable members on his side with him to defeat their viewpoint I believe he will be doing the nation's long established free enterprise system a good service. The honourable member for Diamond Valley (Mr McKenzie) amazed me earlier. I quote from a sentence he used. He said: 'Do not kid ourselves this is a nation built on capitalism.' Being the honourable member for Diamond Valley and coming from Victoria, recalling the election results of only last Saturday I think if I were a member of the Australian Labor Party I would suddenly be waking up to what the Australian people want. Honourable members on the Government side have tried to portray us as being a Party which is interested only in Ansett. This is not true. We are interested in a fair go for both airlines. This is not our legislation. It has been changed. If the Government is sincere it still has the opportunity to introduce changes to make this Bill tight so that it defines the purposes of the Act and is not a loose Bill which can be manipulated to meet the socialist objectives to which I have referred.

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