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Wednesday, 16 May 1973
Page: 2243

Mr JAMES (Hunter) - Last week in this Parliament a debate took place which aroused considerable interest throughout the nation. I refer to the Medical Practices Clarification Bill. In my 13 years in this Parliament I have used the privilege of disclosing the names of certain individuals in society when I have been positive that they have subverted the law and have been virtual parasites on our community. On each occasion I was sure of my facts. I intend again tonight in this debate to name certain people about whose nefarious practices in the community and illicit incomes I am positive- This is related to the debate last week on the Medical Practices Clarification Bill. Before I disclose their names I want to say that I have no doubt that in the medical profession there is an overwhelming number of people who are devout, who are full of humanism and who are doing a good job by society in general.

The first doctor I want to name is Dr John Reid Heath, a medical practitioner who was referred to in the report of the Commissioner of Taxation for 1967-68. He was named prominently in the Kaye inquiry in connection with the abortion racket in Melbourne some two or three years ago. According to that report, he underestimated his taxable income by $260,000 for the years 1952-53 and 1964- 65.

Mr King - Where did he get the money?

Mr JAMES - From unfortunate women who are compelled to go to abortionists to terminate pregnancies for some reason or other. In the main that is where I believe he got it.

Mr SPEAKER - Order! The last speaker was heard in complete silence. I ask honourable members to extend the same courtesy to the honourable member for Hunter.

Mr JAMES - I now want to refer to a woman who was receptionist and trained nurse at the Heatherbrae Clinic at Bondi for some years, working for 2 qualified medical practitioners who were carrying out a large scale abortion racket. That person's name is Daphne Gloria Colbourne. She is referred to in the report of the Commissioner of Taxation for 1966-67 at page 94. Her underestimated taxable income was $38,098. The next one to whom I want to refer is old George Smart, one of Sydney's biggest stillpractising abortionists, who recently was charged on 72 counts of illegal abortion. He practises in the heart of Sydney. He has been before the Commissioner of Taxation on several occasions. At his first trial the judge - Judge Aaron Levine - died- The second time he was indicted the jury disagreed. On the third occasion the Attorney-General decided not to file a bill. He is mentioned in the report of the Commissioner of Taxation for 1969-70 at page 122 as having an underestimated taxable income of $29,368. In the same report, James Gavin Troup, who was mentioned prominently in the Kaye inquiry in Melbourne in connection with the abortion racket and who is a practising abortionist, was mentioned as having an underestimated taxable income of $105,534 for the years 1959-60 and 1965-66.

Mr Charles Jones - There is a lot of money in it.

Mr JAMES - Yes, blood money. Doctor Thomas Wall - Tommy Wall - is known as a skilled abortionist and was practising at the Heatherbrae Clinic at Bondi for some considerable time. He is mentioned in the report of the Commissioner of Taxation for 1970-71 at page 114 as having an underestimated income for the years 1962-63 and 1967-68 of $24,471. Dr Finks, who was prominently mentioned in evidence before the Kaye Commission in Melbourne, is featured in the report of the Commissioner of Taxation as underestimating his income by $17,484. Dr Troup, who was prominently mentioned do the Kaye Commission inquiry in connection with the abortion racket in Melbourne, is reported to have under-estimated his taxable income for the years 1959-60 to 1965-66 at $105,534. The late Dr Hennessy - and I apologise to his relatives-

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Well, leave them alone.

Mr JAMES - I do not leave vultures like these alone. I came into this Parliament to expose these sorts of things and I will continue to do so as long as I am a member of this place.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Even if they are dead

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member for Griffith will remain silent.

Mr JAMES - The estate of the deceased Dr Hennessy who was a well known practising abortionist in Sydney was investigated by the Taxation Branch and his underestimated taxable income was assessed at $92,002. Mrs Molly Hearty, a receptionist for 2 doctors who practised extensively at Maroubra and who were recently charged before the courts in Sydney for endeavouring to bribe a law enforcement officer, had an underestimated income of $47,260.

I will not detain the House any longer. 1 believe that the people in this country and the members of this House should all be made aware of the extensive racket in illicit abortions - or illegal abortions, if you. prefer to put it that way. I have submitted these facts to the Parliament tonight so that those people who are making a special study of . this great social problem, which has stirred every member of this House because of the difficulty in arriving at a decision on it, will, when they are studying this problem, take into consideration the information I have placed on the records of this National Parliament in connection with these people, some of whom profess to be great humanitarians. Many of them, I believe, are concerned only with getting money from unfortunate women who find themselves in a predicament and want to terminate a pregnancy. They are not concerned on humanitarian grounds in resorting to these measures.

Mr Crean - May I say in regard to this matter that-


Mr Crean - I am not closing the debate.

Mr SPEAKER -I know, but I usually call one speaker from each side.

Mr Crean - I wanted to reply to this.

Mr SPEAKER - You may speak later. I call the honourable member for Sturt.

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