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Thursday, 10 May 1973
Page: 2047

Mr Kerin asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, upon notice:

(1)   How many Australians are there on the staff of the South Pacific Commission.

(2)   Who are they, and in what positions are they employed.

(3)   What are their respective qualifications.

(4)   Is the salary of each paid by the Commission or directly from Australia.

(5)   How long has each of them been employed by the Commission.

(6)   How many Australians have been employed in the Commission's work since 1960.

(7)   What was the cost of their salaries and allowances during that period.

(8)   What was Australia's total contribution to the Commission during the same period.

Mr Whitlam (WERRIWA, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Prime Minister) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Fifteen including 4 based in Sydney.

(2)   Mr A.Harris, O.B.E. - Program Director (Economic)

Mr P.Hodgkinson Statistician

Mr I.R. Boyd Finance Officer

Mr D.J. Christmas Assistant Finance Officer

Mr B.Gilmour Personnel Clerical Assistant

Mrs B.Lovett Librarian

Mrs E.A. Dubois Secretary to Program Director (Economic)

Miss L. Anderson Supervisor, Typing Pool

Mrs J.Rivers Stenographer .

Mrs J.Albrecht Machinist/Clerk

Mr J Sinclair (NEW ENGLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES) r - Carpenter/Handyman

Mr C.E. Birchmeier; Directory, Publications Bureau*

Mrs N.Bond Visual Aids Assistant* Mr F. O'Connell Publications Assistant* Mrs V. Russell Distribution Clerk*

* Based in Sydney.

(3)   Mr A.Harris, O.B.E.- B.A., B.Com., D.P.A.

Mr P.Hodgkinson ; B. Economics

Mr I.R. Boyd ; 2 years study in book-keeping and accountancy

Mr D.J. Christmas Member A.A.S.A. and A.A.U.G.

Mrs B.Lovett ; B.A. (Hon.) Adelaide University A.L.A.A.

Mr C.E.Birchmeier. Journalism A and B at University of Queensland, Member A.J.A., Dip. Radio Engineering.

The others, generally speaking, have qualifications appropriate for their posts.

(4)   Salaries are paid by the Commission.

(5)   Mr A.Harris, O.B.E., since 16th March 1969.

Mr P.Hodgkinson since 31 May 1972.

Mr I.R. Boyd since 20th April 1955.

Mr D.J. Christmas since 18th February 1972.

Mr B.Gilmour since 12th July 1972.

Mrs B.Lovett since 6th September 1970.

Mrs E.A. Dubois since 6th March 1959.

Miss L. Anderson since 13th March 1971.

Mrs J.Rivers since 10th July 1972.

Mrs J.Albrecht since 6th January 1967.

Mr J.Sinclair since 23rd May 1972.

Mr C.E. Birchmeier since 21st February 1955.

Mrs N.Bond since 1st January 1964.

Mr F.O'Connell since 28th August 1972.

Mrs V.Russell since 1st January 1958.

(6)   and (7) The following are the numbers of Australians employed by the Commission as at July each year, showing .total salary and allowances payable to them:

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