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Wednesday, 11 April 1973
Page: 1324

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -If an amendment is to be moved it will be moved in the Committee stages. It is not in order for the honourable member to refer to it now.

Dr KLUGMAN - In any case, I would strongly oppose any amendment, should there be one, suggesting that this sort of power be at the discretion of the Director-General. I would strongly oppose it on the basts that it gives me--

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! I have pointed out to the honourable member that he will have an opportunity in the Committee stages of discussing any amendment.

Dr KLUGMAN - It is a matter of giving power to someone or suggesting that someone should read the mind of a person to decide what is the reason for a particular person residing in Australia. I think this is completely wrong, lt would lead to abuses. It could lead to political prejudice.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! Is the honourable member still continuing to debate the foreshadowed amendment?

Dr KLUGMAN - No. I am suggesting what sort of things should not be done. 1 am suggesting that the way we are doing it makes it absolute that if a person is in Australia for 10 years he gets the pension. 1 oppose any suggestion that there should be some power vested in some person - a Minister or any member of the department - to make a decision as to why a person has come to Australia. I think this could lead to political prejudice. I can imagine what the former Minister would have done in many cases. Having made an earlier decision that a person came here to disrupt the trade union movement or for some other purpose he would then decide that that person was not here for that reason at all but simply to get a pension and, therefore, the former Minister would not pay it to him even if that person left Australia. I think this would leave the position open to abuse in many cases. As you have suggested, Mr Deputy Speaker, the honourable member for Mackellar may well decide not to go on with his proposition. I conclude by again congratulating the Government on the early introduction of this progressive piece of legislation. I hope that the House will pass it quickly so that it can be passed quickly by the Senate and be proclaimed to enable those people who intend to take advantage of it to do so at the earliest possible time.

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