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Thursday, 5 April 1973
Page: 1147

Mr CHARLES JONES (Newcastle) (Minister for Transport and Minister for Civil Aviation) - I just want to show what humbugs Opposition members are. If honourable members will give me time I will prove that point beyond question. I refer to page 1375 of Hansard of 23rd April 1969 which shows that in this chamber on that Friday afternoon the then Minister for Social Services was speaking on a Bill before the House. I will quote the whole of the objectionable part of what he said and compare it with and relate it to what happened this morning. All we need to do is substitute the word 'fascism' for the word 'communism'. This is what the then Minister had to say:

It has everything to do with the statement because it shows why it is difficult at this present moment to expand the operations of the Australian National Line. Unfortunately, the people who man the ships, although not traitors themselves, are under the control of traitors. Let me go further. I have spoken about the Korean affair. In this Vietnam affair at the present moment, because the Australian Labor Party is in alliance with the Communist Party . . .

That was what the honourable member for Mackellar (Mr Wentworth) had to say on 23rd April. I followed the honourable member immediately by saying - again I quote from Hansard:

I raise a point of order. The statement by the Minister that the Australian Labor Party is in alli- ance with the Communist Party is offensive to me and I ask for its withdrawal.

Now let us look at the arch humbug. The following then appears:

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