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Thursday, 15 March 1973
Page: 654

Mr CALDER (NORTHERN TERRITORY) - The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is the man who is getting the advice. I only hope that he takes it. The men on this side of the list are all Europeans. They include doctors, settlement managers, ministers of religion and cattlemen. Honourable members will be pleased to hear that the names include that of one politician. Some honourable members may say that I am a racist because all the names are those of Europeans. However, on the other side is a list of Aborigines. It is headed by Roy Marika, Claude Narjik and others and is just as long as the the list on the other side. There is the name of Pararoultja. whom the Minister knows. I do not know whether the Minister knows Stephen Turner and Bernard Tipoulara. These fellows are leaders of thousands of Aborigines. With the exception of Gus Williams from Hermannsburg, who is part-coloured, these men are all full-blooded Aborigines. Just about every person on the right side of my list is an Aborigine in the proper sense of the word. They are not screaming to have churchmen cut down or screaming in the manner of some part-coloured people who. as the bishop has claimed, have come from the south to try to influence the Aboriginal situation. This is what I am trying to get through to the Minister.

Mr Bryant - I am listening.

Mr CALDER - -I hope that both the Minister and the honourable member for Brisbane (Mr Cross), who are talking together, are listening. But to be practical, the problem is not one-sided. Bishop 0'Loughlin was quite right when he said that the problems of the people in northern Australia are entirely different from those of part coloured Aborigines living in city suburbs.

Time does not permit me to deal with all of the aspects of this matter. But I should like to mention land rights, which is a practical problem. The Minister knows as well as I do that the area of Aboriginal reserves in the Northern Territory totals 94,000 square miles. The Department which dealt with Aboriginal problems prior to the establishment of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs was busy acquiring land from various people in all areas of Australia. Everard Park, which covers 2,400 square miles, was acquired and returned to the Aborigines. The actions of the former Government were applauded. I am sure that the Minister can obtain the money necessary for land acquisition but he will be very hard put to get the men to do what should be done with this land. Thinking of the areas in question, I ask why the lease of the Yugil Pastoral Company property and other leases have been frozen. The Minister might hear something about that matter later. Included in Aboriginal reserves is 5,200 square miles of land in the Daly River area. This is some of the best country in the Northern Territory. The acquisition of this land is a practical approach to the problem of land rights in which these people are interested. The Minister has to get people and money to help the Aborigines to develop this land. I know that the Minister probably told the Aborigines at Yirrkala that they did not have to work at Gove, that they could sit under a tree and that they could do whatever they wanted. But I do not think that if you went and asked people such as Narjik and Marika and all the others up there they would want to do that. I think they would want to identify themselves with the development of Australia. I think they want to get with it. If some of the older men wish to do this then by all means let them. You can stop them in their tracks if you keep telling them that they do not have to work. Let us face it, work breeds respect - self respect. I think this is something that we have to get through to them. I know that honourable members opposite will say that this is the old fashioned Country Party approach. But if you go to these people and ask them what they want-

Mr Enderby - Why is Sir William Gunn selling 7,000 square miles?

Mr CALDER - Just be quiet while I finish.

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