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Wednesday, 28 February 1973
Page: 72

Mr SPEAKER -I will send you a Christmas card.

Mr WHITTORN - Thank you for the interjection, Mr Speaker. I trust that you will bring to this high office the impartiality and integrity which are so necessary to keep the affairs of this country on an even keel. You will remember the disgraceful incident in which you took part on, I think the 9th or 10th April 1970 when your predecessor had to leave the chair on 2 occasions and the present Government supporters took charge of this House by forming a caucus in the middle of the chamber. One of them got up in the chair and talked about 'come the revolution'. I hope that the honourable members on this side of the House will not use that sort of senile degenerate method to try to show their constituents what sort of men they are. People who do that sort of thing are not men at all. As far as I am concerned they are just rabbits. Since the elections there has been a good deal of dramatics so far as this Government and its outpourings are concerned. This Government has shown the Australian people that we in fact have a socialist government heading the affairs of Australia. Firstly, we saw the 2-man dictatorship. I believe this was the first time in history that 2 men took over and endeavoured to administer 27 portfolios on behalf of the people of Australia. Two members of this House - not even one from the Senate - took over the responsibility of the government of this country. If that is Whitlam style government, the less we see of it the better.

In the short space of 13 weeks we have seen recognition by this Government of at least 3 communist countries. This Government is setting up ambassadorial representation in Communist China, in North Vietnam and in East Germany. We are being recognised under the terms laid down by those communist countries. I have never seen anything more servile or obsequious than the acceptance of the terms laid down by Communist China. It is my understanding that Australia has accepted 23 of the 29 conditions which Peking said we had to accept if we wanted the friendship of Communist China. I know very little about diplomacy but I do know that when 2 countries recognise each other they recognise the internal habits of each but the communist people have told us: 'We will accept your friendship on these 29 terms.' This 'tickle my tummy' episode - and we have heard that phrase in this Parliament before - is frightening to those people who did not vote for socialists at the last elections. I have already used the word 'obsequious'. There has been a bending of the knee to these countries when there was no need for it at all. I have never seen more servile or fawning treatment by one government to another than the recognition of the Communist Government in Peking.

The people of Australia have not been told what the 29 points are, 23 of which we apparently have accepted. We had to read about it in the newspapers. The news media had to obtain the information from Chinese news broadcasts. The people in China know all about this agreement which Australia has accepted. But the Australian people have yet to see the form of the agreement accepted by this socialist Government. I believe the information should be on the table in the Parliamentary Library for all honourable members to see. The document which was signed in France on 21st December last year by Mr Renouf ought to be available to all members of this House and of the Senate. There is no doubt in my mind that the Chinese Government has made certain that Australia will become a satellite communist country much the same as Czechoslovakia is to the Soviet Union, much the same as Poland is to the

Soviet Union, much the same as Bulgaria is to the Soviet Union and so on. During the last election campaign it was bruited around the country that Chou En-lai said to the Labor or socialist leaders in this country: 'If it will help your cause we will give to the Australian Wheat Board an order for $60m so that you can become the government of Australia and a satellite of Peking'.

The Communist Chinese told us on 25th January that we had to remove our officials from Taiwan, and this we did in an obsequious way. What is the significance of 25th January to most people in Australia? It is the day before the day on which we celebrate Federation - Australia Day. The Peking Chinese realised that we would start 'the new Australia' on 26th January 1973 as a satellite to their country. The Communist Chinese said to our Prime Minister (Mr Whitlam) that he had to write to the President of the United States of America condemning him and the American people for their involvement in the war in Vietnam. The correspondence has yet to be acknowledged. I would not expect the President of the United States of America to acknowledge that form of correspondence which obviously was sent to him. Because no reply was received the Prime Minister decided that he would make certain that three of his senior Ministers would criticise and condemn the United States and its activities in Vietnam. The Minister for Labour (Mr Clyde Cameron) said that they were maniacs. Phrases such as that, of course, caught the headlines of the news media throughout the world. I heard the Minister for Labour say - and it would have been quite obvious to anybody who wanted to listen: 'Well, at least we are hitting the Press headlines throughout the world*. Of course this Government is hitting the headlines because it is doing things that have never been done. I can only remind honourable members that the Black September movement also hit the headlines throughout the world and I see very little difference between the activities of this Government in hitting the headlines in this manner and those of the Black September movement which annihilated athletes in Munich last September. If that is the type of headlines Australia needs then thank goodness I am in opposition in this House.

The people of Australia were forewarned in regard to what a socialist government intends to do for Australia. The Federal Conference of the Labor Party held in Launceston, I think in 1971, set out the principles to be adopted by this socialist Government. The then Leader of the Opposition, now the Prime Minister of this country, also said during the election campaign what he would do so far as communist countries were concerned. Speaking on behalf of the electors in the electorate of Balaclava I can say that there are not too many of them who accept that we should go hand in hand with the communists and socialists throughout the world. We recognised East Germany before the United Nations came to a decision or had even debated whether East Germany should be accepted into the group of countries which attend the United Nations forum. We had to get in first to show the world that we could have a first with East Germany, with these self-elected people, not appointed by the people of their country but self-appointed by tyranny, force and a lack of freedom in taking over the role of government. This is what the East Germans do. I wonder how many honourable members of this House have crossed into East Berlin through the Iron Curtain which was erected and is manned by the communist soldiers from East Germany. When I went there I was given 14 sheets of closely typewritten material containing dos and don'ts. They were mainly don'ts. If one takes money into East Germany and spends some of it one cannot bring the change back because they want all the currency to be kept in East Germany. They say: 'Don't do this; don't do that; don't do anything at all but just look at the. buildings and come back.' I was relieved to return to West Berlin.

Such countries do not allow their citizens to leave the country unless they obtain special permits or unless they are escorted throughout the world by communist cadres. Sportsmen and artists who leave those countries have to be escorted from place to place wherever they go. We have all read about the people who have absconded from these controls and from the tyrannical action of those self appointed communist governments throughout the world. In the past when those people have gone to the United States of America, to Australia or to the Western democracies of Europe they have made every effort to get away from the tyranny that 1 have mentioned. We all know about the automatic devices used by the East Germans to maim, kill or terrorise those fugitives who desire to get away from the tyranny behind the Iron Curtain. This year I read about a new device which will shoot lead and steel in 12 different directions to maim fugitives and to make sure that they do not obtain their freedom. And still there are fugitives who will take this form of action to escape from the tyranny of these self-imposed leaders.

In relation to his recent trip to New Zealand the Prime Minister (Mr Whitlam) was asked questions about the form of discussions he would have with the Prime, Minister of New Zealand. He said quite rightly:

I cannot give any indication to the media until I have had a talk to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and when we have come to some finality 1 will talk to the media and tell them all about it. But-

He said exultantly -

I have received a Christmas card from Chairman Mao.

That shows the mentality of the Prime Minister who is in charge of the foreign affairs of Australia. He received a Christmas card from Chairman Mao. I wonder whether he received one from President Nixon, Mr Pompidou or Mr Heath. But he received one, from Chairman Mao and he wanted all Australia to know it.

We have seen the communist trade union group from Hanoi being welcomed and feted by the President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. We have seen them escorted throughout this country by the communist trade union leader, Mr Carmichael. They have been given every opportunity to see what happens in this country. These militant trade union leaders obviously realise that in Hanoi, East Berlin and Communist China there are not any strikes, there are no stop work meetings, there are no go slows, there is no discussion about more money or more benefits for the workers simply because in those countries big brother makes the decision and if anyone argues for better conditions in those countries they are shot. There have been reports in our news media of shootings taking place in those countries. I wonder whether Australia is heading in that direction.

The difficulty is that this Government has aligned Australia with those communist countries. It has denigrated the democracies to which Australia has looked in the past and with whom Australia has traded. The honourable member for Blaxland (Mr Keating) spoke about defence. I wonder what he feels about the defence we may need in the years ahead. We will not decide what form our defence will take. It will be Peking that decides. It will say: 'You sell us the wheat; you sell us the wool; we will make you the hewers of wood and the drawers of water.' Is it any wonder that Mr Byrne, the Victorian Minister for State Development and Decentralisation, Minister for Tourism and Minister for Immigration, said: 'If I can get 500 Chinese under contract to come to Australia I will get them.' That is the type of thing that is happening in Australia.

I believe that this Government has taken all the sinew and muscle out of our defence system which has been built up over the last 10 years. Already some 30,000 men have been moved out of the Australian Army. There are indications already that in the next Budget the defence vote will be about $80m less than it was in the last Budget. Of course, this Government has to find money from somewhere. There was no mention in the Governor-General's Speech yesterday about tax remissions to the workers. There will be no reduction in taxes in any form in the next Budget. The Government is building up in the minds of the people of this country a welfare ethic. I believe that those who want to work ought to work. I believe in a good day's work for a good day's pay. There is no question in my mind that we have people in this country who are voluntarily unemployed. They go to communes where there are no work opportunities to make certain that they are not given a job and that they thereby qualify for social services. I also refer to the surfies who have a good time on the beach where there are not any good opportunities for work. They obtain social services.

I am speaking on behalf of those Australians who want to work, who want to pay taxes, who want to acquire a home and who do not want to bludge on their mates around the corner. They are the people I am talking about. I believe that President Nixon was quite right when he told the Americans during his campaign: 'We need to build in this country a work ethic, not a welfare ethic' The Attorney-General (Senator Murphy) told us that he sat alongside Mr McGovern, the Presidential candidate, when he flew from London to Washington. He had a long talk and closely associated himself with Mr McGovern. I was in America when the Presidential campaign took place. Mr McGovern'. whole campaign was built on cutting down the sinews and muscle of America's defence system and building up a welfare ethic so that everybody gets something for nothing. Mr Nixon, who had a landslide victory, told the American people that they had to work for the things that they wanted. He instilled in their minds the need to build up what I have called and what he previously called, a work ethic - not a welfare ethic. I believe that President Nixon will inculcate in the minds of the people of America this rugged individual quality that all countries, including Australia, need so much.

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