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Thursday, 25 November 1971
Page: 3782

Mr Hayden asked the Minister for Social Services, upon notice:

(1)   Has a de facto wife any claim to a widow's pension if she is (a) deserted or (b) widowed; if so, under what conditions is the pension provided.

(2)   Underwhat circumstances would a woman in these circumstances have an entitlement to a dependent child's allowance.

(3)   Does a widow who conceives an illegitimate child after widowhood have any right to a widow's' pension and any right to a dependent child's allowance.

(4)   Does a woman in receipt of an invalid pension who bears an illegitimate child have any right to a dependent child's allowance; if so is there any limit on the numberof illegitimate children for whom she can obtain this allowance.

Mr Wentworth (MACKELLAR, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Social Services) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   (a) No. A deserted de facto wife is not included in the definition of widow prescribed by section 59 of the Social Services Act 1947-1971.

(b)   Yes. Under the conditions prescribed in Divisions 2 and 3 of Part IV of the Act.

(2)   Where a widow pensioner has custody, care and control of a child as defined by section 59 or 59a of the Act.

(3)   Not in respect of the illegitimate child but she could have a right to a Class A widow's pension through other children or, by age, to a Class B widow's pension.

(4)   Where an invalid pensioner has custody, care and control of a chid or chidren under the age of 16 years (including a student deemed under section 18a of the Act, to be a child under the age of 16 years) additional pension is payable in respect of each such child.

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