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Thursday, 25 November 1971
Page: 3762

Mr Enderby to ask the Minister for the Navy, upon notice:

(1)   How many positions are established under section 42a of the Naval Defence Act for (a) each class of professional engineer and (b) engineers above class 5.

(2)   How many of these positions are currently (a) unfilled and (b) filled by officers (i) on extended leave without pay, (ii) on extended sick leave (over one month's absence) and (iii) whose qualifications do not entitle them to become Members of the Institution of Engineers,Australia. (3)Is it a fact that professional engineers in his Department are not employed under the Public Service Act as are professional engineers in other Commonwealth departments; if so, why.

(4)   Do the conditions of employment of these officers bar them from first and second division positions in his Department.

Dr Mackay - The answers to the honourable member's questions are as follows: (1)(a)

(b)   One (1)

(2)   (a) 159

(b)   (i) 2

(ii)   Nil


(iii)   There are 44 officers whose formal academic qualifications do not appear to entitle them to become members . of the Institution of Engineers of Australia. These officers were either (a) permanently employed as Engineers when in 1961 the academic qualifications were made mandatory; and so were accepted as Engineers on the basis of a combination of partial qualifications and relevant experience or (b) undertaking a Diploma course in Naval Architecture at the Royal. Melbourne Institute of Technology as Departmental trainees at that time. This course was not recognised by the Institution of Engineers of Australia and no further Departmental trainee Naval Architects undertook the course.

It should be noted that it is open to these officers to seek membership of the Institution of Engineers of Australia; indeed, consideration for membership requires individual application.

(3)   Yes. These officers are a small numerical part of nearly 4200 salaried personnel employed under the provisions of the Naval Defence. Act. This arrangement provides a degree of flexibility in organisational matters and in recruitment and personnel movements. Administrative and clerical officers are employed under the provisions of the Public Service Act.

(4)   Yes as regards Second Division except as. follows:

(a)   unless they also happen to be officers of the Commonwealth Public Service who have maintained continuity, in accordance with the Officers Rights Declaration Act 1928- 1969, between Commonwealth Public Service employment and appointment under the Naval Defence Act 1911-1971.

(b)   the vacancy is open to applicants outside the Public Service.

Appointment to First Division positions is made by the Governor General and appointees may not necessarily have been officers of the Commonwealth Public Service.

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