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Thursday, 11 November 1971
Page: 3433

Dr Cass (MARIBYRNONG, VICTORIA) asked the Postmaster-General, upon notice:

(I)   Who produced the programme The Nuclear Game which was shown on Tuesday, 28th September 1971 on Australian Broadcasting Commission television.

(2)   Who approved the programme before it was televised.

(3)   Were the producers of the programme qualified to evaluate the highly technical material presented.

(4)   Did the Australian Broadcasting Commis-sion consult any authorities on the subject other than the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

(5)   Was this programme, in effect, a promotion of nuclear power at a time when the Government had decided not to take any action in the matter.

(6)   What was the cost of producing the programme.

(7)   What was the cost of the programme to the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

(8)   Was it coincidence that the programme was shown on the date of tabling of the annual report of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

Sir Alan Hulme - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The Television Features Department of the ABC.

(2)   The ABCs Director of Television Features.

(3)   Yes. The producers also sought and included in the programme the comments of the following distinguished members of the Australian Scientic community:

Sir PhillipBaxter, Chairman, Austalian

Atomic Energy Commission

Prof. R. May, Physics Department, Sydney


Dr J.T. Andrews, Head of Nuclear Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr UliEnglebert, Head of Radio Isotope Production, Lucas Heights

Mr R.Boyd, Radio Isotope Production Manager

Prof. C. M. Watson-Munro, Physics Department, Sydney University

(4)   Yes. The following authorities were consulted:

(a)   Department of Nuclear Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital;

(b)   Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital;

(c)   Australian Mineral Development Laboratories, Adelaide;

(d)   Department of Physics, Sydney University;

(e)   Department of Bio-chemistry and Nutri tion, University of New England;

(f)   Qantas Engineering Division;

(g)   Australian Iron and Steel Ltd, Port Kembla;

(h)   Officers of the ABCs Science Unit.

(5)   No.

(6)   $4,730.30.

(7)   Nil.

(8)   Yes.

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