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Wednesday, 20 September 1916

Mr ANSTEY (Bourke) .The clause provides that this measure may be cited as the " Military Service Referendum Act," and I am of opinion that its object and purpose should be stated in more explicit language in the title. I therefore move -

That the words " Military Service " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words " Coloured Labour."

One of the advantages to be anticipated from the carrying of the proposed referendum is the advance of our industries by the sending out of the country of 300,000 or 300,000 of our men, and replacing them by coloured labourers. It is unnecessary to elaborate the virtues of the proposal. If we can put cheap Asiatics in the place of the men to be sent abroad the advantage to every industry in Australia must be patent! I need say no more to commend the amendment to the Committee, and will leave it at that.

The CHAIRMAN - I do not consider that the amendment is at all relevant to the question. The Bill has nothing to do with coloured labour.

Mr ANSTEY - Then I must move, sir, that your ruling be disagreed with. It is a question of the purpose of this Bill.

The CHAIRMAN - I ask the honorable member to submit his motion, to disagree to my ruling, in writing.

Mr ANSTEY - I move-

That the Chairman's ruling be disagreed with

On the ground that it improperly prevents the introduction of an amendment which is pertinent to the question.

The CHAIRMAN - I refuse to submit that motion to the Committee.

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