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Thursday, 23 August 1906

Mr KELLY (Wentworth) .- It is very refreshing to find my socialistic friends at last exhibiting a lively interest in the public business. Three out of the four members who have already spoken1 upon this question have been members of the Labour Party.

Mr Tudor - There are more to follow.

Mr KELLY - It must be some extraordinary occasion which brings the members of that party together in such strong force1 - an occasion which does not concern the country at large so much as it does the party itself.

Mr Watson - A little while ago the honorable member was talking about unfairness. His remark is very fair.

Mr KELLY - The honorable member exhibits extreme sensitiveness !

Mr Watson - I object to unfair insinuations as to motives even when they come from the honorable member.

Mr KELLY - Then I should strongly advise the honorable member not to make unfair interjections. This afternoon he made about as mean an interjection against the honorable member for New England as it was possible to make.

Mr Watson - That is incorrect. I would 'say something more if it were parliamentary.

Mr KELLY - The honorable member would say whatever suited him, whether it was true or not.

Mr Watson - I rise to a point of order. Is this impertinent jack-a-napes to be allowed to insult honorable members?

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