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Tuesday, 21 August 1906

Mr DEAKIN - The answers to the honorable and learned member's questions are as follow : -

1.   In the Imperial Army there are two alternative syllabi under which officers may be examined for technical fitness for command - i.e., for promotion to rank of Lieut. -Colonel - namely : -

(1)   in which actual troops are employed.

(2)   By means of a staff ride or tour.

The examination for technical fitness for command (i.e., for promotion to Lieut. -Colonel) in the Commonwealth does not provide for an alternative syllabus - the syllabus prescribed being practically a reprint of that prescribed in (1) above referred to for the Imperial Army.

Notification has recently been received that a revised syllabus has been adopted for the Imperial Army, which omits one of the subjects nf the examination previously in force, but which is still retained in the Commonwealth syllabus.

2.   So far as can be ascertained, the examination for Lieut. -Colonel was established in England in 1890; the syllabus prescribed is not superior to or more difficult than that prescribed for Australian officers.

3.   The present Inspector-General of the Imperial Forces was promoted to the rank of Lieut. -Colonel prior to the coming into force of this examination, and . consequently was not required to pass the examination for technical fitness for command, i.e., for promotion to rank of Lieut.-Colonel.

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