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Thursday, 16 August 1906

Sir JOHN QUICK (Bendigo) .- Honorable members are tinkering with the scheme recommended by the Tariff Commission, "with the result that they are in danger of destroying its symmetry. The Commissioners recommended the adoption of terms such as are recognised in trade and commerce. For instance, brandy and blended brandy are both recognised articles of merchandise,, between which a clear distinction can be drawn. But if we create a number of grades of blended spirit, we shall conf use both the trade and the public, and depart from the cardinal principle which should be kept in view. The present proposal is to create a sort of mongrel term which will not be known to trade and commerce, because , whoever heard of an article being vended as blended spirit? There is no individuality about such a term. I did not raise any strenuous objection to the use of the term "blended grain brandy," because it was to a certain extent descriptive of the nature of the spirit; but to call an article " blended spirit " is to give it a name which is not distinctive. We should, as far as possible, use only terms known to the trade.

Mr Isaacs - The Tariff Commissioners suggested a number of terms which are not known to the trade. For instance, " spirit for industrial or scientific purposes " is not a trade name.

Sir JOHN QUICK - The names and descriptions recommended by the Commission are well-known and characteristic. We recommended the making of a distinction between brandy and blended brandy. That would, of course, allow the trade to turn out varieties of blended brandy. The same remark applies to our recommendation in regard to whisky.

Mr Hutchison - What would be a standard whisky?

Sir JOHN QUICK - An all-malt whisky, just as a pure wine spirit is a standard brandy. I think that the members of the Commission, if the course proposed is followed, may well repudiate any responsibility in this matter.

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