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Thursday, 16 August 1906

Mr KENNEDY (Moira) .- I think that the whole of this trouble has arisen from a misconception on the part of the honorable member for Wide Bay: I have listened attentively to the speeches he has delivered on the subject. He appears to think that the proposal under consideration will exclude the use of molasses spirit in the production of brandy.

Mr Fisher - The proposal differentiates from the report of the Commission.

Mr KENNEDY - As far las I am able to judge, the recommendations of the Commission would confer a greater advantage upon molasses spirit than it enjoyed under the Tariff previously. Under paragraph 5 that spirit will receive a preference of 2S. a gallon.

Mr Deakin - Under paragraph 10 molasses spirit will gain an enormous advantage, because, being a cheap spirit, it will practically command the market in methylated spirits.

Mr KENNEDY - The proposals of the Government attempt to differentiate between spirits according to the value of the materials which - are used in their production. They practically place the manufacturer of molasses spirit in a much better position than he previously occupied under the Tariff. The honorable member for Wide Bay fears that the use of molasses spirit in any article which is designated as brandy will be precluded. T can assure him that that is not so.

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