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Thursday, 9 August 1906

Sir WILLIAM LYNE - If I had caused the regulations to be framed so that they would carry out the recommendations of all whom I consulted, they would be contradictory. I gathered all the information I could, especially from those whom I asked to come together in Sydney to discuss the subject.; but the regulations have been somewhat modified in consequence of certain representations which were afterwards made, and because the interpretation put upon the law by the AttorneyGeneral would not allow me to do exactly what I wished to do.

Mr DUGALD THOMSON (NORTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - The Minister has failed to reply to my question. I did not ask if the regulations vary from the suggestions made to him, but whether they vary from what he indicated to be his intentions. The Minister stated that for certain reasons there has been a variation, and I ask now if the variation is from what he undertook to do or indicated that he intended to do, or from the requests of those approaching him?

Sir WILLIAM LYNE - The honorable member has put a question which it is almost impossible to answer. He does not say to what promises he refers - whether they relate to butter, cheese, bacon, hams, or something else. He asks me if I have varied my promises, and my reply is that I have adhered to my promises as nearly as circumstances would permit.

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