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Friday, 3 August 1906

Mr DEPUTY -SPEAKER. - 1 have to report that I have received the following message from the Senate: -

In reply to message No. 6 of the House of Representatives, dated 27th July, 1906, transmitting for the concurrence of the Senate a resolution in reference to the agreement between the Postmaster-General and Sir James Laing and Sons Limited, for the carriage of mails between Brindisi and Adelaide, the Senate acquaints the House of Representatives that the Senate has agreed to a resolution on the subject, as follows : - " That the Senate approves the agreement made and entered into on the 7th day of July, 1 1506, between the Postmaster-General, in and for the Commonwealth, and Sir James Laing and Sons Limited, for the carriage of mails between Adelaide and Brindisi, as per schedule, with the following modifications : -

Proviso to clause 3 -

Provided that, in the event of the PostmasterGeneral requiring the 'period of transit' on the voyage from Brindisi to Adelaide to be reduced to six hundred and twelve hours, the period of six hundred and twelve hours shall thenceforth be deemed to be the 'period of transit' for each voyage from Brindisi to Adelaide, and each such voyage shall be completed within that period.

Proviso to clause 6 -

In last two lines leave out 'failing mutual agreement be determined by arbitration in the manner provided in the said " general conditions of tender '' ', insert 'be determined by mutual agreement, subject to approval of Parliament, bv resolution.'

Proviso to clause 15 -

After the word 'legislation' insert 'directly' ; after the words "with the consent of insert 'or subject to approval by ', and after ' Parliament ' insert 'by resolution'."

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