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Friday, 27 July 1906

Mr MAUGER - The honorable member made a great deal of the reports before the Government. As a matter of fact, only one report has been presented, but it is divided into three parts. I am just as anxious as the honorable member can be that that report shall be dealt with. His talk about working up feeling outside comes with an ill-grace from him since he is doing his best to work upparty feeling and strife.

Mr Crouch - And against the Protectionist party.

Mr MAUGER - Continually against the party for whose interests he professes so much anxiety.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - He does not go round the factories jamming protection down the throats of the workers instead of allowing them to have their lunch.

Mr MAUGER - They take the jam all right. My honorable friend said the other day, he desiredto get the Tariff question out of the way so that he might have a fair fight. Against whom? Against the very people whose interests he professes to have at heart.

Mr SPEAKER - Is the honorable member discussing the motion?

Mr MAUGER - I am going to connect my remarks with it by saying that the honorable member's zeal in regard to the carrying of this motion is largely a pretence and a sham.

Mr SPEAKER - Order.

Mr MAUGER - I withdraw the remark.

Mr McWilliams - Last session the honorable member was continually moving the adjournment of the House to urge that the Tariff should be dealt with.

Mr MAUGER - I moved the adjournment of the House on one memorable occasion two years ago, and since then, the necessity for my action has been amply demonstrated.

Mr McLean - Since then the honorable member's zeal has cooled.

Mr MAUGER - I can assure my honorable friend that I am just as anxious as he is that the fiscal question shall be settled, and settled, not on free-trade lines, but properly.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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