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Friday, 27 July 1906

Mr JOHNSON (Lang) .- Whilst I am prepared to support the motion of the Prime Minister, I am opposed to the idea that private members' day should be entirely dispensed with. I was very much surprised at the attitude taken up by' the honorable member for Echuca, especially in view oj the fact that a few weeks ago he objected to postpone a motion which he had upon the business-paper to enable honorable members to witness a very important experiment in connexion with the transmission of the first Marconi message to Tasmania. Upon that occasion he urged that his proposal was of such serious public import that it did not admit of any delay. I note that it is now set down for consideration upon 2nd August. If it were important previously it is equally important now, so that the honorable member, by making it appear that private members' business is of no consequence, has practically condemned his own proposal. I agree with the remarks which have been made regarding the wisdom of abolishing grievance day, because I hold that any important matter can and should be ventilated upon a motion for adjournment.

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