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Friday, 27 July 1906

Sir WILLIAM LYNE (HUME, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Minister for Trade and Customs) - In reply to the honorable and learned member's questions I desire to say -

1.   Exporters can either -

(a)   Give a certificate containing the particulars prescribed in the sub-section quoted ; or

(4)   Have the article tested, &c, and stamped by an officer.

The accuracy of the exporter's certificate may be tested by the officers, as may also any other statement the description may include.

2.   This branding or marking is to be done by the Customs only, but it is optional to factory managers or exporters to show on the coverings of butter any particulars in addition to the prescribed description.

3.   See last paragraph, reply No. 1.

4.   Examination and testing of butter will probably be made at appointed freezing works, or the factory, as may be decided.

The exporters must supply all assistance for opening packages, handling goods, &c.

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