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Friday, 20 July 1906

Mr CROUCH (Corio) .- I fail to see why the Committee should be given power to deal with this subject. If it is within the powers of the Court-

Mr Isaacs - Owing to an oversight this power was not given in the original Bill.

Mr CROUCH - If we agree to this motion we shall practically give a direction to the Committee that it is desirable that the power indicated shall be given to the Court. I do not think it is. It would be absurd to admit barristers and solicitors to practice only before the High Court.

If the Attorney-General will say that we have jurisdiction to federalize the whole of the legal profession-

Mr Isaacs - No.

Mr CROUCH - Then it is proposed to vest in the High, Court the very limited power to admit barristers and solicitors to practice before it. In the Judiciary Act we give power to every barrister and solicitor of the States Courts to practice before the High Court.

Mr SPEAKER - I might assist the honorable and learned member, as well as others, by pointing out that the only result of the passing of this motion would be to permit the Committee to discuss the question, and to come to such decision as it deemed fit. The House would by no means commit itself to the amendment by giving permission to the Committee to consider it.It would simply empower the Committee to do that which it could not otherwise do.

Mr CROUCH - It would be a strong indication of the desire of the House-

Mr Isaacs - Not necessarily.

Mr CROUCH - It would be a useless power to give; but as on Friday afternoons the catching of Inter-State trains rises superior to all other considerations, I shall say no more at this stage.


Question resolved in the affirmative.

In Committee :

Clause1 agreed to.

Clause 2 -

Sectionfour of the Judiciary Act 1903 is amended by omitting the word" two " and inserting in lieu thereof the word " four."

Amendment (by Mr. Joseph Cook) proposed -

That the word " four " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the word " three."

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